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New In Metal Wine Racks: Welcome The Ultra Wine Racks Series!

September 30th, 2019

Merry Monday, wine cellar folks! We’re ending the month of September with a bang by welcoming a new addition to our metal wine racks collection. Let’s check out the awesome deets on the Ultra Wine Rack Series:

Ultra Wine Racks – Wall Rails

So first up are the Ultra Wall Rails. WCI offers these brilliant space savers in 1, 2, 3 and 4-foot configurations and in single, double and triple options. As the units can be easily wall-mounted, they are certainly ideal for someone looking to showcase their wine collection and not just store it. They can go anywhere in your home, not just in your wine cellars.  These wall-mounted units work with a label-forward system. That means your bottle labels will be clearly visible, making for convenient organization as well. The wall rails are available in Chrome and Satin Black Finishes which can give a super sleek and modern look to your wine storage.

Ultra Wine Racks – Wine Pegs

Next up  we have the Ultra Wine Pegs. Just like the wall rails, wine pegs are one of the most space-efficient methods of storing your collection. They can be mounted anywhere in the home or commercial establishment. The Ultra Wine Pegs give you the best of both worlds as they come in both label-forward and cork-forward configurations. That gives you options on the way you want your wine bottles organized as well. Moreover, the pegs can be mixed and matched with other racking styles to create a really unique arrangement for your wine cellar. Note that the pegs come in black, brushed aluminum, and chrome finishes to designed to give a contemporary yet elegant charm to any wine cellar project.

Ultra Wine Racks – Fusion & Diamond Fusion

Lastly, we have the Fusion & Diamond Fusion series. The Fusion wall panels come in two configurations as well: label-out and cork-out. Then you have the faceplates which are  a lot of fun to design thanks to the variety of color options. The colors include Alumasteel, Black Acrylic, Whie Acrylic, Unfinished Wood, Medium Stained Wood, and Dark Stained Wood. Play around with them and create eye-catching designs that are sure to be a hit in your wine parties. For ease of installation, take note that the faceplates are removable. That also means you can easily change the panel colors around.


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