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Technical Tuesday Episode #445: The Four Corks in Fort Smith

September 24th, 2019

The Fall season has officially arrived! This is definitely one of our favorite times of the year for a number of reasons. Apart from the cooler weather and beautiful foliage, we’re also excited to unveil lots of wine cellar products this season. We actually have a sneak peek of those yesterday with our blog on metal wine racks. Don’t forget to bookmark the WCI blog so you won’t miss out on those updates next week. But for today, let’s take some time to appreciate the stunning details on this wine cellar project. It’s for our client, The Four Corks, in Fort Smith, AR:

Project # 314449
Wood: Custom / Vintage View
Bottle Capacity: 3936
Where: Fort Smith, AR

The Four Corks wine cellar

The Four Corks is a wine, beer and spirits store that has recently opened its doors in Arkansas. As it aims to provide the locals with an extensive repertoire to tickle their tastebuds, they enlisted the help of our design professionals. The job was to create a full-blown wine cellar with all the bells and whistles. And by that, we mean tons of bottle storage, racking variety, as well as some dramatic finishes. Needless to say, the team delivered. This wine cellar is a mix of custom racking units and metal racks from our Vintage View Series. The entire assembly can host a very impressive capacity of just under 4000 bottles. It is indeed a huge wine storage, capable of accommodating existing as well as future merchandise:

Custom racks and Vintage View Series

Here are some great shots of the completed racking arrangement. You can easily see the various racking styles incorporated into this project. Apart from the Open Diamond Bins, there are tons of custom shelves for bulk bottle storage.  There are also units designed to accommodate larger format bottles, including champagne. In order to maximize bottle storage, the metal wine racks were mounted floor-to-ceiling. This also adds to the aesthetic charm of the wine cellar. Take note that with the Vintage View Series, you can install the units two ways. You can have them wall-mounted, which is the standard method of installing the racks. However, you can also choose to display them floor-to-ceiling by purchasing a Floor to Ceiling Frame. Vintage View will let you showcase your bottles in a label-forward configuration. For a wine storage like The Four Corks, this is quite advantageous. They will be able to conveniently organize their merchandise and make it easy for customers to browse through the inventory as well.Custom racking units

The finishes chosen for this project are also on point. For the metal wine racks, a beautiful Brushed Nickel finish was applied. Vintage View offers four different finishes for the metal wine racks: Black, Black Chrome, Brushed Nickel, and Chrome. As for the custom wood racking units, they were dressed up in a muted Dusty Weathered Finish. The timeworn look is super classy and unique! *Cheers*

Dusty Weathered Finish

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