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Firefly Wine Shop Showcases Our Vintner Commercial Racks

August 8th, 2019

It’s time to show some love for WCI’s commercial wine racks! Thanks to our client Firefly Wine Shop, we are able to shine the spotlight on our commercial racking catalog today. Firefly outfitted their store in Greenville, North Carolina with racks from our Vintner commercial line. The completed arrangement is definitely worth blogging about:

Display Bins with popping display trays

The client sent us several great snaps of the assembled Vintner racking units. They purchased some displays and islands, 7-foot maximizers, and wall merchandisers. The Display Bins features display trays that pop out, showcasing the wine bottles in an attractive manner. The units were designed to merchandise high volume wines. The boost in sales will make these among the highest producing wine display racks in your store! That’s why they are quite popular, especially now that they are more affordable thanks to the Vintner line.

Wall merchandisers and bins

Here are some great photos of the merchandisers. Take note that they come in an assortment of configurations to cater to any wine store’s storage needs. Apart from the column Wall Merchandisers with display rows, you also have the double-deep units, also with display rows. One of the advantages of this type of racking is that you can have it as a stand-alone unit, or mix and match it with other styles. The Vintner Commercial wine racks are actually all stackable, coming in 3-foot and 4-foot height configurations. This makes them so versatile, as you can stack and create assemblies up to as high as 12 feet.

Rustic Pine and Light Stain option

Flexibility and function are not the only things the Vintner Commercial Series has to offer, though. You will be amazed at the assortment of customization options you can have as well. In the case of our client, Firefly Wine Shop opted for a Rustic Pine wood option for their racks, finished in a beautiful Light Stain. You can choose from our four most popular wood choices, as well as stains and finishes to suit your store’s theme. We even included the lacquer option for the finishes. In addition, you can also add center trim and molding to give your racking assembly a really polished look. Lastly, the Vintner line comes with industry exclusive vinyl base and caster options for the racks – just like our Classic Commercial Series. ^_^

Beautiful popping displays Happy customers at Firefly Wine Shop!

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