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Vintner Racks Showcase Function And Flexibility

August 1st, 2019

All hail Vintner! Clients can’t stop raving about our Vintner Series wine rack kits and we’re adding another one to the list. Our clients purchased some racking units for their growing collection. To their pleasant surprise, they got more mileage out of the units than what they expected. Function and flexibility certainly stole the spotlight today!

As you can see from the snapshot of the completed assembly, they sent for some individual bottle columns and fixed shelves. They did the assembly and installation by themselves, using the nail gun method. This definitely made the entire process go in an efficient and enjoyable manner. As a heads up, the nail gun method is the most recommended one, especially for first-time builders. There are also other assembly methods and you can check those out in this learning video.

Once everything was set up, our clients got to work filling up the racks. Their wine bottles were neatly organized and there was a place for everything. That included storage for their canned goods and other miscellaneous items! This just goes to show that some of our Vintner products can be utilized for all-around storage as well. Check out the full testimonial of our satisfied clients below:

Function and flexibility with our Vintner racks“The Vintner Racking came out great, we ordered Rustic Pine with a Classic Mahogany stain. The dimensions were just perfect and it was a simple assembly once we got started. The nail gun was perfect and the difficult part was finding the time to start the project. You guys took care of some missing items and replacement parts very quickly. Thanks for providing these racks. We really enjoy looking at our wine collection instead of digging through boxes and cases to find that perfect bottle. I also love having the extra shelving to put our canned peaches and canned tomato sauce and misc items at the bottom shelf.”

~Ben H.~

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