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A Wonderful Outcome Thanks To The WineMaker Wine Racks

July 11th, 2019

This month seems to be a terrific one for our shallow-depth wine racks! In particular, our WineMaker Series is really stealing the show. Today’s DIY feature is this super stunning wine cellar from happy clients Rob and Natalie. It highlights the versatility of our WineMaker Series, in terms of both function and style. Let’s check this project out in closer detail:

Wonderful outcome thanks to WineMaker racksAs you can see from these photos, the racking assembly boasts of a nice variety of bottle storage options. The assembly is anchored on the wine tasting center in the middle and stretches out to almost the entire length of the room. Open Diamond Bins and Diamond Bins with Solid Face Trim help accommodate bulk bottle storage. Then there’s plenty of Individual Bottle Columns to host the clients’ growing collection. While on the more affordable end of the scale, WineMaker doesn’t pull any punches when it comes to quality. See how the racking arrangement flows in a seamless manner. Molding packages help remove the awkward gaps between the racks and the flooring and ceiling. In addition, the center seam trim helps with the smooth transition between different racking styles. All these accessories are available with the WineMaker Series. Plus, all racking units come in 3-foot and 4-foot height configurations for flexible stacking. It can definitely rival Vintner in these aspects!

Rustic Pine wood and Classic Mahogany stainBelow is a closer shot of the completed racking assembly. See how it meshed so well with the walls, ceiling and flooring of the room. The clients chose Rustic Pine for the wood and a Classic Mahogany stain to go with it. Note that with WineMaker, you get all the available stains and finishes WCI has to offer. That means you can really dress up your wine cellar in your desired theme. It’s having the feel of custom racking without having to spend a small fortune for it. This wonderful outcome was made possible because of WineMaker’s versatile features. So if you’re a first-time wine cellar builder, this series comes highly recommended! ^_^

Versatile racking assembly

“We appreciate all your help during this project. It turned out wonderfully. We’re so happy with it.”

~Rob and Natalie M.~

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