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Technical Tuesday Episode #434: The Perfect Fit Wine Tasting Center

July 9th, 2019

If you don’t have enough space in your home for a formal wine cellar, what would be a suitable alternative? Today’s Tech Tuesday feature can give you some great inspiration on that. Give a look at this simple but elegant wine tasting center:

Project # 309413
Wood: Custom / Vintner / Premium Redwood
Bottle Capacity: 248
Where: North Bend, OH

Perfect fit wine tasting centerSee how it fits perfectly into the wall space? Even when you have a relatively small space, you can still make it work. The trick is to utilize the right racking products. In this case, WCI’s design team chose a mix of custom and Vintner units to create this beautiful wine tasting center. Notice how it was built in such a seamless manner. There are no awkward gaps at all between the racks and the flooring and ceiling.

Even if this is just a compact wine storage, it is enough to host the client’s collection. The assembly can in fact store up to just a little under 250 bottles. That is definitely not too shabby considering the spatial constraints. And there are quite a few gems here that really help complete the look of this wine storage. The first one is the wood option. The racks are all manufactured from Premium Redwood. That is a smart choice for a smaller sized wine cellar project. Premium Redwood is a top quality, clear grade of wood.  It includes wood from all part of the log which varies from white to pink to red and reddish brown. Premium Redwood has no knots and is sometimes preferred over All-Heart Redwood for its variety of colors.

The second key element in this project is the stain option. Notice how the racks pop out against the light-colored walls and flooring? The units were dressed up in rich Classic Mahogany stain. It is one our more popular stains owing to the beautiful, reddish-brown hues that give the wood a dramatic finish. It also shows off the wood’s natural wood grain and inherent personality. Since Premium Redwood’s natural colors range from the whites and pinks to reddish browns, this stain works perfectly. We love how the racks actually look like the color of aged red wine.

The last key element in this wine tasting center is the use of custom moldings and center seam trim. Thanks to these accessories, there are also no gaps between the different racking styles. You can’t even tell that this is not a full-on custom job. It certainly is the perfect fit wine tasting center! *Cheers*


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