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WineMaker Racks Get Seal Of Approval From Client And Friends

July 4th, 2019

The WineMaker Series is not pulling any punches this year by the looks of it! We’ve been increasingly getting more requests for WineMaker racks, especially with first-time wine cellar projects. It seems that the best features of this wine rack kit are really standing out to more clients. And with our client Jim, even their friends have given the racks the seal of approval:

284736 premium redwood classic mahogany

The client purchased several racking units in order to have proper storage for their collection. They latched onto the WineMaker Series and were immediately won over by the space-efficient configurations. The racks in this series are, after all, manufactured with shallow-depth. This shorter depth is the main reason for the space-efficiency of the racks. You can build them in tight spaces that can’t be effectively utilized with standard-sized racks. The neck of the bottle will slightly stick out, as you can see from these photos of Jim’s racking assembly. Nonetheless, the body is fully supported within the wine racks. Plus, the bottles popping out like that are pretty eye-catching:

Now since the racking units are created in shorter depth, that means less wood is used during manufacturing. This makes this wine rack kit more affordable. Still, you get a varied selection of racking styles, including some customization options. Take note that the series offers two wood choices: Premium Redwood and Rustic Pine. You also get the full range of stain and finish options WCI has to offer, including lacquer. But the real gem is that the racks come in 3-foot and 4-foot height configurations. This puts WineMaker on equal footing with Vintner in terms of flexibility! You can stack your racks to as high as 12 feet, while being able to utilize half-heights for compact spaces. As an important FYI, Winemaker wine racks must be mounted 1 1/2″ off the wall to ensure proper wine bottle stability. This will add 1 /1/2″ to the listed dimensions of the racking units.

“We love the racks and so do all of our friends! They are holding up well.”

~Jim S.~

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