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Wine Cellar Inspirations: Best Locations For Home Wine Cellars

June 5th, 2019

The legendary question in the wine cellar community is whether or not you can build a wine cellar anywhere in your home. We talk about this on the blog every now and then as well. Over the years, developments in technology and other accessories has made it possible to build a wine cellar just about anywhere in the home. Even so, there are still “best” locations that will prove to be more beneficial, especially in terms of cost. Let’s get to know what these best locations are:

The basement location

The basement location…

We’d rate this area of the home as top-notch in terms of a wine cellar project. Why so? For one thing, basements emulate environmental conditions that are closest to the underground caves in Europe where early wine storage began. It has the right humidity and temperature levels that will allow your wines to age at a graceful pace. That means you do not need to spend that much on creating the proper “wine storage environment.” You will also not be needing a larger and/or more energy consuming wine cellar cooling system. This will save you tons in terms of your energy usage (yay for lower electric bills!).

The garage location

The garage location…

While not as ideal as the basement, the garage is still another “best location” for a wine cellar project. It’s especially the case for those with large or fast-growing collections. If you have a spacious garage, it will be easy to section it off for your wine cellar project. It will also be relatively easy to build since the garage is separate from the house. You will not have to deal with the inconveniences during the construction stages.

The spare room location

The “spare room” location…

Transforming an empty section of your home into a wine cellar has become even more popular in the recent years. It can be a spare room, a coat or shoe closet, or even an unused kitchen pantry. If it’s a full room, the benefits are pretty obvious. You get tons of space to work with and you will be able to host a large collection. Moreover, you can even set up a tasting area and make that wine room a place for wine tasting parties. For smaller spaces, the big advantage is that maintenance cost will be low. Nonetheless, you will have proper storage for your wine collection. ^_^

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