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The Art Of Mixing And Matching Your Racking Styles

June 3rd, 2019

Wine cellar styles really have evolved over the last decade or so. It’s no longer those cookie cutter racking arrangements that are kind of like the equivalent of your IKEA shelving. These days, there are so many racking styles to choose from. There are also various materials you can work with, not just wood. All these changes have helped develop more creative and beautiful wine cellar projects. And the magic formula involved here is quite simple! It’ all about learning the art of mixing and matching your wine rack styles.

Learn the art of mixing and matching your wine racks!

“It turned out nice!” ~Eric M.~

There are a few essential points to keep in mind when combining your wine racks to achieve your wine cellar goals. These points will really help you especially if you are not working with a professional design consultant. For a DIY project, particularly if you’re a newbie, gathering as much input during the planning stages is highly recommended.

Now the first thing to consider before selecting your racks is definitely the size of your wine cellar. You will obviously have more freedom with a more generous space. But that doesn’t mean that you should disregard maximizing on bottle storage capacity. With smaller wine cellars, you will need to choose more space-efficient racking. For example, utilizing wall-mount units is highly recommended for compact cellars. That includes wine pegs and rails. Mix and match them with standard racking to get the most out of your space.

The next thing to think about would be the theme of your wine cellar. If you want to go for a modern one,    we recommend mixing and matching traditional wood racks with metal racking units. Our Modern Wine Cellar series can give you lots of wonderful design insights. Apart from metal, there are also other materials that you can incorporate to really bring out that contemporary feel. One of our favorites is the Acrylic Invisible Wine Racks that make your bottles look like they’re floating. We also love the unique silhouettes of the STACT racking.

Last but not the least, always take into account balance and symmetry with your racking arrangement. When mixing and matching various styles, make sure that there is still a good flow from one type of rack to the other. Remove awkward gaps by using the right accessories such as center seam trim and crown and base moldings. Also don’t forget that stains and finishes can greatly help in keeping your racking transition as smooth as possible. ^_^


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