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Our Vintner Series Wine Racks Kit Is A Hit In Florida!

May 2nd, 2019

WCI’s wine cellar services are getting lots of rave reviews all over the country. This is something we’ve worked so hard for and the results are showing. Note that clients can seek out our custom wine cellar design services no matter what state they are located in. This is our way of providing really versatile and reliable services. If you check out our Consultant Locator section in our webpage, you’ll be able to see the breadth of our projects. We’ve done a lot of work for customers in major cities in a lot of the states. But we’re definitely not stopping there! We want to do so much more and let more people have the WCI experience with their wine cellar projects. That’s why today, we’re featuring this gorgeous DIY wine cellar, courtesy of our Florida client Lydell. Our Vintner Series was chosen for the job and it definitely delivered:

A wine cellar in the fitness room!

As you can see from the photo above, this room was equipped as a workout room for the client. However, they added a twist to it! Beyond those wooden barn doors is voila – their custom wine cellar! So remember how we always point out that you can create wine storage anywhere in your home? Chalk this up as another addition to our ever expanding list. We are all for combining physical fitness with enjoying good wine. Our clients had a little stroke of genius here when they did just that. The extra space in this workout room was just right for their collection. With the help of racking units from the Vintner Series, they were able to put together wine storage that can hold around 446 bottles. The racks were assembled with the use of the nail gun that was included with their purchase. Don’t forget that our nail gun kit actually comes free when you purchase at least $2000 worth of wood racking products. Naturally, this sped up the assembly time significantly, much to our client’s satisfaction.

Beautiful Vintner racking

Dark Walnut stain on Premium Redwood racks

“Everything was as expected and that included the shipping, racking, and assembly. We used the nail gun kit that was included with our order and it was all straightforward. I have already shared my experience with some friends who live down in Florida who are really thinking about buying a wine cellar. We were very pleased with the Vintner racking which was part of our entire project.”

~Lydell S.~