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Wine Cellar Inspirations: Why “Second-Hand” Racks Are A-Okay

April 24th, 2019

The word “preloved” has become quite iconic in the fashion industry. From clothes to shoes, and of course, designer bags, owning something preloved has become the “in” thing. But when it comes to wine cellars, is this concept also acceptable? Are owning second-hand racks okay? Our answer: yes, it’s a-okay! We can give you several really good reasons why:

Second-hand racks are money savers!

One, second-hand racks are huge money savers…

This goes without saying. In fact, here at WCI, we have a specific product catalogue for what we call our “factory seconds.” This happens occasionally when a rack is manufactured with an extra knot in the wood or was stained a wrong color. It can also be that the order was cancelled half way through production or becomes discontinued due to lack of popularity. Essentially, the racks are still brand new. There is certainly nothing wrong with them, especially in terms of quality. It’s just purely due to these unavoidable circumstances that they cannot be sold at their regular prices. The units are all very attractive and sturdy pieces of wood wine storage, but marked down to move out at a quicker rate. When we say marked down, we mean like a really deep discount!

You can get custom racks from these factory seconds!

Two, some second-hand racks are actually custom orders…

If you desire custom racking but cannot afford that hefty price tag, checking out the factory seconds catalogue comes highly recommended. There is a great chance you’ll stumble on custom orders that have been abandoned. The reasons can range from minimal mistakes in the stain or finish option, racking dimensions, or something similar. Since the original client isn’t up to it anymore, the racks need to be sold at a lower price. Otherwise, they will eat up the storage space meant for other product orders. Here at WCI, we’ve had lucky customers who were able to snag these custom wine racks. Like they say, one man’s trash (and don’t take this literally!) is another man’s treasure.

Build a brand new wine cellar with second-hand racks!

Three, you can build a brand new cellar with second-hand racks…

This is especially beneficial for first-time wine cellar owners. You can have a spanking new wine cellar while saving tons of dollars, thanks to these discounted racks. Take note that they are not even “used” wine racks at all. They are in perfectly mint condition that will last for years and years to come. If you are a newbie with a relatively small but growing collection, this is one of the best alternatives to avoid spending big bucks. You’ll also be pleased to know that WCI actually has an entire showroom stocked with our factory seconds. If you live locally or are in the Cincinnati area, all you need to do is set up an appointment to check our stuff out. ^_^