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Wine Cellar Inspirations: Dare To Be Different With Your Wine Rack Styles

April 17th, 2019

Tired of the same, uniform look for your racking arrangement? Or is it your very first wine cellar project and you want something completely unique? Then maybe it’s time to dare to be different with your wine rack styles. There are styles out there that can really up your wine cellar game. Some are modern and bold, yet still exuding an elegant appeal. Others are sophisticated, but still with that necessary traditional touch. There are also those that are quirky and can add so much character to your wine cellar. We’ve put together some favorite picks for you guys to check out:

Grain + Rod Panels

Try out these Grain + Rod panels…

Wall-mount wine racks have become super popular in the recent years. They are easy to install, space-efficient, and come in so many designs. Of course, it also helps that you can mount them anywhere in your home. One of the most recent wall wine racking products here at WCI is the Grain + Rod panels. They actually come in two configurations: the Grain + Rod Cork Forward Panels and the Label Forward Panels. This is probably the ultimate in modular wine walls. The metal and wood wine rack board combines Vintage View’s award-wining design with a simple, elegant American wood mounting system. Moreover, the rack mounts to any wall surface, even drywall, in minutes. These panels will also make for terrific accent pieces in combination with other wine storage units.

Rotating Wine Cradle from Vintner

Step it up with the Rotating Wine Cradle…

Rotating wine displays are quite popular as a design concept. But it seems we see more of them in commercial wine establishments, rather than residential cellars. But there’s no reason why you can’t have one in yours! It’s especially the case with the Rotating Wine Cradle from our Vintner Series. This beautiful wine display comes in 3-foot and 4-foot height options. That means you can easily work it into even a smaller-sized wine cellar. The cradles can be used in a number of ways, as stand-alone displays or by mixing and matching with other wine racks. They can even serve as end tables!

Our Echelon Wave wine racks

Make a statement with Wave Wine Racks…

True to their namesake, wave wine racks are designed to emulate the flowy silhouette of waves. This makes for the creation of a very unique racking assembly. Here at WCI, we already launched our version of these flowy units: our Echelon Wave Wine Racks. They come in 6, 12 and 24 bottle configurations and are perfect for the kitchen bench, tabletop, or bar area. The racks are crafted from extruded aluminum with a natural stain anodized finish – architectural grade. They sport a sleek look that definitely spell “luxury,” owing to the quality of the materials. ^_^