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Technical Tuesday Episode #426: Wine And Entertainment With Vintner

April 16th, 2019

What’s better than enjoying a bottle of wine? How about a bottle of wine and some entertainment to boot – all in the same space. We completed a wine cellar for a client in Oregon that delivers the goods! Check out this fantastic project that combines wine and games in a convenient way:

Project #292049
Wood/Series: Vintner/Premium Redwood
Bottle Capacity: 1152
Where: OR

Vintner in Premium Redwood

The client had ample space in their home for a formal wine cellar. They also had a growing collection which needed enough space to include future acquisitions. But of course, they also wanted to stay within budget. So in order to meet these wine storage needs, our design team went with the Vintner Series for this project. In particular, the racking arrangement was comprised mostly of Vintner units in Premium Redwood. Thanks to the variety of racking designs afforded by Vintner, this generous racking arrangement was realized. This cellar can hold up to a little over 1100 bottles:

Midnight Black Stain on Premium Redwood

So here you can see Individual Bottle Storage racks, some Rectangular Bins, and a Tasting Center with Open Diamond Bins below. These provided for tons of bottle storage space for the client’s collection. But our team also put in another notable addition to the cellar: some Vintage View metal wine racks. Instead of the wall-mount units, the floor-to-ceiling configuration was chosen. This allowed for a “floating” appearance for some of the wine bottles. We love how this worked so well with the glass panels and lighting fixtures. The wine cellar is not only spacious, but now sports very elegant ambiance as well:

"Floating" bottles on Vintage View racks

Now here is a great shot of the adjoining entertainment/game room. It’s all decked out with a television and a billiard table. Can you imagine just how much fun the family and friends of our client will have here? They can enjoy game night with a glass of wine or two…or even three or more! This concept definitely worked so well for our clients and it was a pleasure to bring both wine and entertainment together for them. How about you, wine cellar fans? Would this kind of set-up work for you as well? Let us know your thoughts on this project by sharing them in the comments below. *Cheers*

The adjoining game room!