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Top Reasons For Choosing A Glass-Enclosed Wine Cellar Design

April 8th, 2019

No doubt about it, a glass-enclosed wine cellar is one of the most sought-after designs. Whether it’s a professionally constructed wine cellar or a DIY one, the glass element always works. So what is the reason for this style’s popularity? Well, we’re giving you top reasons (not just one) for choosing to go with a glass-enclosed wine cellar. Read on and find out!

The timeless appeal is incomparable…

Glass is a very versatile material to work with. It can go with just about anything. It has that “elegance” factor that can enhance the inherent beauty of other materials. Take for example this gorgeous project below. It’s a relatively simple layout for a wine cellar. The wood wine racks are unstained and the arrangement is space-efficient. You can say it’s pretty much a standard design. But look at how stunning is has become with the addition of the glass panels. Enclosing the wine cellar really made the racking stand out. Also, the lighting accessories worked very well with the glass-enclosed space:

Beautiful glass-enclosed cellar

It can be built anywhere in the home…

Another big advantage with a glass-enclosed wine storage is that you can have it anywhere in your home. Just think about it! You can install it in your dining area or kitchen. But you can also have one in your living area. You can convert seemingly useless spaces in your home to accommodate your collection. Some examples are unused closets, empty rooms, and even that corner under the stairs. But that’s not all! You can actually build a glass-enclosed cellar in your living area. Check out this video of a unique install that illustrates this concept. You will be wonderfully surprised at how creative a racking arrangement can get.

It will keep your bottles in peak taste condition…

A glass-enclosed wine cellar can perfectly emulate ideal storage conditions. Naturally, you will have to install the right wine cellar cooling unit inside. But that aside, the glass will be able to maximize refrigeration and humidification benefits. That means you can actually save on maintenance costs. Here at WCI, our glass wall specs were carefully considered to help keep your wines in peak taste condition. Our glass panes are 1/2″ thick and seals are utilized on the top, bottom and sides of the entry door. In addition, glass panes are joined using a clear silicone bead, creating a seamless connection. ^_^