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Wine Cellar Innovations: Cool Ways To Store Wine Bottles In Bulk

April 3rd, 2019

Storing tons of wine bottles in your wine cellar can get a bit frustrating, style-wise. Lots of times, you’d want to just leave them in their boxes or crates and tuck them into the corners. But that’s a pretty sad situation when it comes to both the appearance and organization of your wine cellar. Fret not, though! There are actually cool ways to store those wine bottles in bulk. Here are some of our top recommendations:

Steel and Rod Series

The Steel and Rod Wine Racks

Combining contemporary and traditional flavors, this racking style definitely brings the best of both worlds together. WCI actually launched a Steel and Rod wine cellar series based on this concept. You have elegant stainless steel rods, married to beautiful Grand Mahogany frames. You can set up a corner of your wine cellar with this type of assembly and store dozens and dozens of bottles. Plus, you also get the option stain and finish the wood elements.

Open Diamond Bins with Accents

Open Diamond Bins with Accents

The diamond bin is quite a familiar type of wine storage. Most, if not all, wine cellars incorporate these bins specifically to host bulk bottles. But did you know that there are also different styles for these diamond bins? With the addition of some accents, they will look more polished and luxurious. Our Vintner Series shows a terrific example of this. Vintner’s Diamonds and Cases collection include the Diamond Bin with Face Trim and the Diamond Bin with Perimeter Trim. The latter is one of the newest additions to the Vintner kits. The perimeter trim adds to the sturdy appearance of the bins. Thus was a finishing detail only previously offered on our top of the line custom racking. Now you can enjoy it at a reasonable price point, thanks to Vintner!

Adjustable Shelf Cabinets

The Adjustable Shelf Cabinets

As you can probably guess from the namesake, this racking unit offers great flexibility. It is what it is: “adjustable” in order to suit one’s bottle storage needs. Again, you can check this unit out in our Vintner kits. It is offered in 3-foot and 4-foot height configurations. That means the racks can be stacked to accommodate just about any ceiling height. The nice thing about the shelf cabinets is that your bottles can be completely visible. That makes it convenient to organize your collection. Naturally, you also get to showcase them even though you’re storing them in bulk. ^_^

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