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Choosing The Most Efficient Assembly Method For Your Wine Cellar

April 1st, 2019

We have been featuring a lot more DIY wine storage projects in the last couple of years. Clients with small to mid-sized wine cellar projects have been undertaking racking assembly all by themselves. That is certainly most impressive! But more importantly, it showcases how convenient it is to put together our racking products. And get this! A good number of these clients are complete beginners. They have average to almost no experience with wine racking assembly. So how were they able to overcome these construction hurdles? It’s all about choosing the most efficient assembly method. We’re breaking that down into finer details for you:

Assembly with a brad nailer or nail gun

By far, the most popular and efficient method of putting together wine racks is with the use of a nail gun or brad nailer. Even a complete novice in wine cellar construction can create storage solutions with this tool. One of the biggest advantages here is that there is practically zero prep work involved. There is no need to pre-drill holes on the racks. All you need to do is ascertain that all the parts of the racking units are intact. You will notice that assembly time is way shorter compared to utilizing other methods. Here at WCI, we offer free DIY installation assembly kits for custom racking purchases worth $2000 or more. The kit includes the brad nailer, nails, and an air compressor. You can also just purchase the brad nailer instead of the entire kit.

Assembly with drill and screws

Now let’s talk about using drill and screws in constructing wine storage. This method requires prep work, so it’s certainly not recommended for inexperienced builders. The prep work involves pre-drilling the holes on the racks prior to inserting the screws. Great care has to be observed during the pre-drilling so as not to split the wood. This means that one must have enough experience in using a drill. Also, the drill bit needs to be changed after the pre-drilling. A different one is needed to actually put the screws in place.

Assembly with a hammer and nails

This is perhaps the oldest construction method, not just for wine racks. It also requires the most experience in handling the raw tools. There are more risks when you are just using a hammer and nails to create your racking arrangement. For one, there are greater chances of missing the mark when hammering the nails. Naturally, that will lead to accidental splitting of the wood. That is already a costly mistake. However, an even greater risk is if you hurt yourself in the process. Experience and utmost caution are necessary with this method.

Our client, Blake Phillips, shows us a wonderful example of a DIY project using the nail gun. Here’s his Vintner wine storage in unstained All-Heart Redwood:

Vintner in unstained All-Heart Redwood

“Loving my new wine racks!  Easy to assemble and look amazing. Really appreciated the nail gun which made the project much easier.”

~Blake P.~