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Client Constructs Gorgeous Vintner Tasting Station

March 28th, 2019
Our Vintner Series takes center stage once more with this stunning tasting station completed by a client. Vintner has always been lauded for its flexibility and it definitely shows here. This DIY project features the 7-foot high racks which accommodates the room’s ceiling height. That’s not something you can just get froma wine rack “kit”. But with Vintner, you get modular wine storage to suit wine cellar projects of all shapes and sizes.
The stackable qualities of Vintner can enable anyone to rack and stack to just about any height you desire. We have 3-foot and 4-foot units that can be configured to as high as 12 feet. That includes the curved corner racking as well. But recently, we’ve made it even more convenient for customers to purchase these racks. Check out the purchase page and see how easy the selection process goes.
Now let’s get into the details of this tasting station. This is comprised of a 7-foot high rack, some add-ons also coming from Vintner, and a Diamond Bin from the Designer Series kit. These add-ons are part of the stacking equipment from Vintner. They include stylish molding packages, center seam trim, base molding packages, and base platforms. You will notice that they help add a few more inches to the racking assembly. The center seam trim helps hide the gaps in between the stacked units to create a seamless set-up. You also have the crown and base moldings which closed the gaps between the racks and ceiling and flooring. The result is the beautiful, built-in look that you can see in the photo below:

Vintner Tasting Station

Since this is Vintner we’re talking about, that means the client has a full arsenal of wood, stain & finish options to play around with. They chose Premium Redwood in Midnight Black stain to give a bold contrast to the light-colored walls. This made the tasting station really stand out. It also gives off a luxurious feel but at a pretty affordable cost. This combination of custom amenities and affordability is what gives Vintner that edge compared to other racking products. Our client certainly did very well in taking advantage of that! ^_^

Wine Cellar Inspirations: Finishes You’ll Love On Your Wine Racks

March 27th, 2019

If you guys can recall last week’s wine cellar inspirations blog, we talked about our favorite wood and stain combos. Today, is like the Part 2: this time, with finishes you’ll love on your wine racks.  Just like stains, these finishes can bring varied looks to your racks and wine cellar as a whole. That’s why they’re such a great investment! Here are our top picks:

Lacquer Finish Option

This is most likely the most popular finish with wine cellar projects. And it’s not such a big wonder why. A coat of lacquer on the wood really gives it more character. It accentuates the natural beauty of almost any wood type. Lots of our clients choose this finish option because it makes their wine cellar exude a luxurious appearance. Here at WCI, we apply multiple applications of a clear coat sealant. This is coupled with intricate hand-sanding treatments between finishes. The lacquer gives the racks a smooth, gleaming finish and an elegant ambience. You can check out our photo galleries for more samples of projects using this finish.

Dark Weathered Finish Option

We call this the more intense version of the Dusty Weathered Finish. The latter works to make your wood achieve a timeworn look. The way we do it is firstly, the wood is run through a proprietary process. This serves to strip intergrain material down below the grain. This works in the same fashion that outside exposure striates barn siding over 50-70 years. The process is no different with the Dark Weathered Finish. However, a darker, more solid color, of topcoat is applied for a more dramatic effect. This finish option goes particularly well with Pine, Redwood and Oak. The much deeper shades are bold and eye-catching. It’s the perfect choice when you want to go traditional but with a contemporary touch.

Distressed Finish Option

We do not see this type of finish in as many wine cellar projects as we would have wanted to. That’s why there is a need to highlight it more! The Distressed Finish deserves more love because it is just gorgeous. It takes quite a bit of work to achieve this kind of finish, owing to its unique properties. The wood is strategically gouged, dented and scratch to give it the character of an old used pieces of furniture. After that, a dark coat is wiped on to fill in the gouges, dents and scratches. The purpose is to highlight them. Lastly, a medium dark background coat is applied then finished off with a lacquer finish. The final effect is very classic, very “antique” and reminiscent of “old-country.”

The Most Stylish Vintner Racks For Your Wine Cellar

March 25th, 2019

One of the most enjoyable moments in the wine cellar construction industry is the evolution of wine racks. Decades ago, it used to be just all about function. But with society getting more and more modernized, that has changed as well. Now we can see various racking designs popping up everywhere. Apart from the the configurations, the materials utilized have also become more versatile. Naturally, WCI is working hard to keep up with these changes. Most notably, it’s our Vintner Series that’s really stepped up its style game. Check out the most stylish racks from the kit that can make a huge difference in your wine cellar:

Vintner Elite Cabinetry

The Diagonal Bin Wine Rack

This is actually the most recent addition to the Vintner Elite Cabinetry line. The Elite Cabinetry collection was launched only a few years back and has rapidly become a favorite of WCI clients. The units in this collection mirror our custom racking, but at a more affordable price point. In true Vintner fashion, the racks allow for the creation of a custom look sans the custom cost. The Diagonal Bin is the newest member of the Elite Cabinetry family. The unique design is both elegant and contemporary. Note that the diagonal pattern of the racking unit can be rotated pointing up or down. And of course, the unit is stackable, making it very space-efficient.

Individual Concaves

The Individual Concave Wine Rack

Years ago, WCI launched the Curvy Cubes series. It was such a huge hit among wine cellar fans. The cubes added so much character to any type of wine cellar project. Drawing inspiration from those curvy profiles, we launched the Individual Concave racking line for Vintner. They come in 3-foot and 4-foot height options, making them very flexible. You can stack the concaves up to as high as 12 feet with no problem at all. But functionality aside, this racking style is one of the most attractive ones you can find. You can easily add drama even to an existing racking arrangement by just integrating some of these gorgeous concave units.

Cable Racking System from Vintner

The Arcylic 9 Column Individual Wine Rack

This beauty is also from the Elite Cabinetry collection. It is one of the newer additions, along with the Cable Racking Individual. It’s the more budget-friendly version of the Cable Racking System. Instead of wood or metal, it sports Acrylic material. Acrylic is just as transparent as glass and is such a great material for wine cellars. It gives the bottles that ethereal “floating” appearance which only the Vintage View Series could do before. ^_^

Client Adds Dramatic Touch With LED Lights To Rustic Pine Racks

March 21st, 2019

Creativity is where it’s at here at WCI’s Testimonial Thursdays! Today, we bring you this wonderful DIY wine storage from our client Nick. He was pretty proud of how everything turned out and didn’t miss the chance to showcase the results:

Nick proudly showcasing his wine storage

Here’s Nick striking a pose with his stunning wine racking arrangement. His project is another inspiring example of how you can build wine storage anywhere in your home. In his case, he transformed a section of his IKEA cabinets into a spot to host his collection. He purchased some individual bottle column racks from WCI in Rustic Pine. He then went for a Midnight Black Stain option for the wood. It was definitely the perfect choice! The jet black stain matched the dark shades of the IKEA cabinet. It seems like the racks were completely built-in! That is one of the biggest benefits of staining your wine racks. You can get it to match your existing furniture or decor. Midnight Black Stain has become quite a popular option for custom and DIY wine cellar projects. It’s a dramatic departure from traditional woodworking finishes with a contemporary appeal.

Voila! Electric blue LED lights!

But this is not all that the client has accomplished. To add a fanciful touch to his racks, he also integrated some LED lighting accessories. Check out the snap above! The electric blue LED lights are certainly eye-catching, aren’t they? Lighting accents are a clever way to bring more focus to your wine collection. They accentuate both the wine bottles and your racking units as well. The client did really well in choosing bright colors for the lighting. They create a great contrast with the dark shades of the racks and cabinet. And get this! Our client also informed us that he made it so the lights can change in a fade set to multi-colors. What else can we say but “Bravo, Nick”!

Elegant Rustic Pine racks in Midnight Black Stain

“The racks arrived as ordered and yes, I used a nail gun to put the together. Attached are three photos of the racks. I placed them in the center of an IKEA cabinet arrangement which form a square with the racks in the center. I also put LED rope lights behind the racks as you will see in one of the photos. I can change the light colors or have them change in a fade set up to multi colors. We are very pleased with the results.”

~Nick G.~


Wine Cellar Inspiration: Some Of Our Favorite Wood X Stain Combos

March 20th, 2019

We’ve always emphasized on the significant role stains and finishes play on a wine cellar project. They can certainly help you achieve the them you want. Moreover, they can help refresh the look of an existing wine cellar. You don’t even have to do a complete renovation. Naturally, they also increase the aesthetic appeal of a wine room. So today, we’re going to be sharing some of our favorite wood and stain combos. There are plenty of styles to choose from, but in our books, these stand out the most:

All-Heart Redwood x Whitewash Stain

All-Heart Redwood x Whitewash Stain

All-Heart Redwood is one of the most popular wood choices for custom wine cellar projects. Unstained, this beautiful wood ranges in color from pink to reddish-brown. However, it is usually cinnamon in color. Now the Whitewash stain is one of our newer selections and gives a whitish cast to the wood. It is a versatile stain that complements the clean, open themes of modern decor. The effect is that of the seaside appeal of old New England. This wood and stain combo adds a gorgeous definitive texture to the wood. The beautiful grain pattern of All-Heart Redwood is emphasized wonderfully.

Rustic Pine x Midnight Black Stain

Rustic Pine x Midnight Black Stain

Rustic Pine is one of our absolute favorite wood options. In its unstained state, it comes with varying degrees of small, medium, or large knots. It sports a pale yellow, varying from deep yellow to reddish-brown. One of its outstanding features is its affordability and ability to retain stains and finishes really well. But with darker stains, the wood exudes a bold and modern vibe. And Midnight Black Stain does the job with a dramatic flourish! The jet-black stain is a dramatic departure from traditional woodworking finishes. Wine racks and furniture look absolutely stunning with this combo. Now if you want to increase the elegance factor, we also recommend adding a coat of lacquer to the wood.

Grand Mahogany x Light Danish Stain

Grand Mahogany x Light Danish Stain

Grand Mahogany is a superior hardwood that is extremely attractive even when unstained. With it’s uniform color, it has a few slight variations that go from medium to pale pink. The hardwood has a moderately coarse grain pattern. We totally love dressing up Grand Mahogany racks in Light Danish Stain. In contrast with racks stained with Midnight Black Stain, this gives off a warm and soft ambiance. Light Danish Stain exudes a golden hue which accentuates the tones and grains of all woods. This combo is best for those who want a clean and uncomplicated style for their wine cellar.

Technical Tuesday Episode #424: Glass-Enclosed Beauty In Dark Walnut

March 19th, 2019

Much warmer Tech Tuesday greetings to our fellow wine cellar fans out there! Finally, the season of Spring will officially begin tomorrow. Since Spring is the season of beginnings, it’s also the best time to get inspired with wine cellar design concepts. This is one of the best times of the year to tackle a wine cellar construction project. So we hope that today’s Tech Tuesday feature will tickle your fancy:

Project #307757
Wood/Series: All-Heart Redwood/Custom
Bottle Capacity: n/a
Where: Honolulu, HI

Glass-enclosed beauty

Our team completed this gorgeous wine room for a client in the state of Hawaii. It is quite a generous sized project and has so many design aspects that need to be highlighted. The first one would definitely be the racking arrangement. The client went for fully customized racking units. Thanks to that, they were able to get exactly what they want in terms of the wine room’s style. You can see that there is an impressive variety in bottle storage options. Apart from individual bottle racks, there are also shelves to accommodate wine boxes and crates. Custom cabinetry was also integrated into the racking assembly. This is coupled with crown and base moldings, as well as center seam trim for the racks. As a result, the wine cellar exudes a very polished and professional appearance.

Amazing custom racking Glass panels section off the wine cellarNow let’s talk about the design for this wine room. The detailing is certainly worthy of mention. The actual cellar is separated by glass panels from the tasting area. However, all the wood elements in the room showcase uniformity in terms of the colors and textures. There is great symmetry, even though the actual wine cellar was sectioned off. Talking about the wood, the clients went for All-Heart Redwood in Classic Mahogany stain option. The rich, reddish-brown stain enhanced the natural hues of All-Heart Redwood. The overall effect is a traditional feel that reeks of elegance from every angle. The wonderful thing about this stain option is that it also showcases the grain patterns of the wood. All-Heart Redwood is a top-notch choice for custom wine cellar projects. One of its admirable features is its ability to absorb stains and finishes extremely well. Dark finishes, in particular, accentuate the wood’s natural grain patterns. This is why Classic Mahogany was the right choice for this project. Did this glass-enclosed beauty win your heart today as well? Let us know what you think in the comment section below! *Cheers*

Quality craftsmanship and design

Exploring Our Extensive Commercial Wine Racking Options

March 18th, 2019

How well are you acquainted with WCI’s collection of commercial racking units? If you are a proprietor of a wine establishment or are planning on building one, WCI has you covered. Whether it’s a wine store, bar, restaurant or other similar business, we can address all your storage needs. It’s time to explore your commercial wine racking options with our very extensive catalog:

Our commercial racking line

As far as retail wine storage is concerned, WCI has made it more convenient for clients by creating two major categories for our racking products. The first is our old “Classic” line which features our hand-built units. This is, naturally, our custom line which go for a significantly higher price. But just recently, we added the second category: the Vintner Commercial Wine Racks. Taking a cue from our wine rack kits, Vintner Commercial offers more affordable racking options. The products under this collection were crafted in true Vintner style. That means high quality racking units at a very reasonable price point.

Secured wine storage

Now as regards the racking styles, WCI offers quite an impressive line-up. We carry Island Display Racks, Merchandisers, and our newest offering: the Vintner Stackables. But these are not all that you get to choose from. We also carry secured stackable storage with our Wine Lockers. These lockers have become quite popular as of late, especially with country clubs and high-end restaurants. And it doesn’t end there! For a truly unique silhouette to your wine stores, we recommend our Curvy Wine Cubes. We have Popular Packages that come with the cubes consisting of wine cube “stackers.” There are also packages with display trays. The trays will help efficiently advertise wine merchandise in order to boost wine sales. The best thing about these cubes is that they are super flexible. You can either stack them or mount the units on the walls for maximum space-efficiency.

Beautiful and unique displays

Last but certainly not the least, we also carry commercial metal racking products. Our best seller is none other than the WineZone Wine Shelf System. These units can be utilized to store not just wine bottles, but a variety of other items as well. That includes other liquor such as beer, glassware, gift baskets, olive oil, and more. They are so flexible that you can choose to display your bottles in either cork-forward or label-forward manner. But take note – there are still several more commercial racking collections to check out! So head on over to this section of the website and start exploring. *Cheers*

Joshua Creek Ranch Racks Up More Wine Storage With WineMaker

March 14th, 2019

A wine storage system that lets you organize your collection the way you want it is certainly what we call “goals.” This week, our happy customer from Joshua Creek Ranch was able to meet those goals. The best part is this: it’s with the help of our WineMaker Series wine racks kit!

Beaming client with her wine racks

They say a picture is worth a thousand words – and the photos client sent us showed us all we need to know. That beaming smile on Rebecca really made our week! So let’s have a bit of background on Joshua Creek and how they made use of our wine racking products. Joshua Creek Ranch opened for guests in 1990 on some of the finest hunt country in America. Over the last 28 years, it has been developed into a sportsmen’s paradise. Along with the hunting opportunities, it also offers luxury lodging and gourmet dining. Naturally, that includes indulging in fine wine. In fact, the ranch has a pretty impressive collection in their inventory. So they purchased some WineMaker racks in Rustic Pine and the rest was pretty much DIY. Thanks to the ease of assembly afforded by WCI’s wine rack kits, everything came together smoothly. Our clients used a brad nailer for the assembly and installation of the racks. This was, without a doubt, the best method. They were able to assemble their wine storage in record time:

WineMaker Series short-depth racks

As you can see from the close-up photos, the necks of wine bottles are slightly sticking out from the racks. This is the most distinct feature of our WineMaker Series. The racks are created in short-depth, using less wood in the process. That’s why these “shallow depth” units are a lot more affordable. Nonetheless, quality is never compromised. The racks are finely crafted and can store your bottles securely, which you can see from these snaps. Moreover, because of the shallow depth, the racks are super space-efficient. You can utilize them in compact spaces. Or, you can create more bottle storage in a bigger space compared to standard-sized wine racks. As with most of our wine rack kits, the WineMaker units are also fully stackable. These flexible configurations allowed our clients to organize their collection exactly the way they want it.

WineMaker in Rustic Pine

“We clear coated them with a sealer and used the brad nailer as suggested. They are working great! They gave us the opportunity to store even more wine than before at Joshua Creek Ranch and the ability to organize the wine in the same order as our inventory list. Easy peasy! Now all we need is a bigger wine closet.”

~Rebecca M.~

Wine Cellar Inspirations: “Luxurious” Looking Wine Cellars For Less

March 13th, 2019

Can you build a luxurious looking wine cellar without having to stretch that budget thin? The answer is a definite yes! When you have enough information on your options, you can get what you want for less. Here are some very useful tips on how to narrow down those choices. Your final picks will be those that can boost your wine cellar’s aesthetic appeal at a price you can afford:

Study your wood options!

Study the various wood options for your racks

Obviously, your wine racks will take center stage in the wine cellar, next to your collection. Since they will be on of the major focal points, they have to stand out. By standing out, we do not mean that they have to be flashy. On the contrary, your racks should exude quality and style to amplify the elegance factor. That’s why it’s necessary to choose the right wood option. Just because a certain type of wood costs more doesn’t mean you have to go for it. There will be other more reasonable alternatives. In fact, wood options for your racking units are very flexible. Naturally, you’ll have to learn the features of these wood types so you can compare and contrast them. For example, Rustic Pine is a more affordable wood option than Grand Mahogany. But Rustic Pine racks can look super luxurious, especially when stained with certain stains and finishes.

Throw in some glass and metal elements!

Throw in some glass and metal elements

Nothing says classy better than glass. That’s why glass panels, windows, and doors are a very common presence in both residential and commercial construction projects. Glass is a material that accentuates the natural beauty of other materials. Metal is a prime example of this. You can never go wrong with a glass x metal combo. Incorporating this into your wine cellar will really elevate its elegant aura. You can see this in a lot of our Tech Tuesday features. Metal wine racks are usually framed by glass panels in a stunning glass-enclosed storage.

Experiment with black metal trim!

Experiment with glass and black metal trim accents

This goes to show just how versatile a material glass is. You can also try experimenting with it for your wine cellar accents. This time, mix it up with black metal trim for a modern yet sophisticated look. For example, instead of the standard French Doors, use black metal to edge out these doors into small windows. Your wine cellar entryways will look more dramatic with the black metal trim. You can do the same with a transom or with a door with sidelights. ^_^

Technical Tuesday Episode #423: Unstained Racks With Wrought Iron Entryway

March 12th, 2019

Happy Tech Tuesday, wine cellar fans! We are absolutely loving this wine cellar project we’re featuring today. It’s a terrific example of how the right accents can do so much in giving your wine cellar that “wow” factor. Let’s check out this simple but stunning creation and see why it deserves this appreciation post:

Project #253489
Wood/Series: Premium Redwood
Bottle Capacity:477

Beautiful Wrought Iron entryway

The very first thing you’ll encounter with this wine room is this beautiful wrought iron entryway. It instantly adds a dramatic touch to the entire layout. This project is actually just a compact-sized one, with a storage capacity of a little under 500 bottles. But the custom wine cellar door makes it feel a lot more open and spacious. Take note that here at WCI, we carry an extensive selection of wine cellar doors for any type of wine cellar project. Apart from standard wooden doors, we also have elegant glass panels, French Doors, and of course, wrought iron gates. We have great variety in our available stock doors. But you can request one made completely to your design specifications. It’s an accent worth splurging on! You can really see the difference in the aesthetic appeal of the wine cellar with these customized entryways.

Unstained Premium Redwood racks

Now let’s step inside this elegant wine room. Don’t you just love how Curved Corners were utilized in the racking arrangement? It gives the wine storage a seamless look while giving the room a softer silhouette. The racks are all crafted from unstained Premium Redwood. We felt that this was a very good choice since the wood’s natural colors went really well with the room’s interior. Premium Redwood is one of the top favorite wood options for custom projects. It’s not hard to see why. The clear grade of wood boasts of beautiful hues that range from white to pink to red and reddish brown. Moreover, it also absorbs stains and finishes extremely well. So if you’re going for another kind of look for your wine cellar, this can easily be achieved by selecting the right stain or finish.  It’s also important to note that Premium Redwood is an eco-friendly option. Here at WCI, all of our Redwood products, including Premium Redwood, are SFI-certified. SFI stands for Sustainable Forestry Initiative.  SFI Certification provides customers with assurance that the Redwood has been harvested in an environmentally sound manner. *Cheers*

Curved Corner racks and Archway

The Big Advantages Of Customizing Your Wine Storage

March 11th, 2019

Some of you might ask, “Why go custom?” Why, indeed? After all, “customizing” is normally equated with additional expenses. Of course, most of us wouldn’t want to spend more on a wine cellar project. We’d want to keep things within, or hopefully, below budget. But there are big advantages of customizing your wine storage that will make every dollar worth it. Moreover, it’s a misconception that you will have to spend a fortune to get the look you want. Let’s explore in detail these advantages so you guys don’t miss out on anything:

Creating the “perfect fit” for your wine storage…

Think of it as Cinderella’s glass slipper! Remember how it perfectly fit her tiny feet and no one else’s? Well, the same thing can be applied to your wine cellar. If you want your racking assembly to have that totally seamless appearance, going custom is the answer. It’s especially the case if you’re constructing on an uneven space. Examples would be building wine storage under the stairs, converting an empty closet, or a pantry. But that’s not all. There will also be instances when wine storage has to be built into existing structures. One good example would be converting some kitchen cabinets to store your wine bottles. This usually happens when there’s not enough room for a formal wine cellar. You’d have to improvise by being creative with other sections of the home. In order to maximize bottle storage capacity, getting a “custom fit” is the key. Check out the gorgeous wine cabinet we completed for our client. It has this built-in look that is absolutely seamless:

Fully customized wine storage

Getting the theme or style you want…

If you want your wine cellar done a certain way and to conform to a specific theme, then you have to take the custom route. Like they say, you get exactly what you want when you’re not cutting corners. Customizing your wine storage according to your specifications leads to 100% client satisfaction. There will be no need to re-do anything in the future, save for standard maintenance work. In the long run, you’re actually saving a lot of money. In this project, our client chose to go with Grand Mahogany racking in blended stain option. The colors of the wood are precisely the way the client want them. Plus, this will help boost your home’s market appeal. These days, more and more house hunters are seeking for wine cellars in potential homes. A fully customized wine cellar might be what it takes to seal the deal!  ^_^

Grand Mahogany with Blended Stain option

Designer Series Wine Cellar Is Newest Addition To Client’s Home

March 7th, 2019

Having a new addition to your home is always an exciting moment. It doesn’t have to be anything major. But when it is a project that involves time and effort, it is always worth it. Our client Jack can certainly attest to this. They embarked on a wine cellar construction journey, with very satisfying results. We’re quite proud to have been a part of that, courtesy of our Designer Series wine racks kit.

Simple and elegant Designer Series racks

The client had a really great space in their home to create proper wine storage for their collection. They wasted no time in putting that space to good use. They sent in for several racking units from our Designer Series wine racks kit. The 6-feet Individual Bottle Storage racks suited their storage needs perfectly. Note that the Designer Series offers 6-feet and 8-feet units in full depth configurations. But just recently, we’ve upgraded the kit to increase its flexibility. With new and improved add-ons, you can purchase extra individual racking to stack on top of your racks. This will provide another 20-inch height boost to your racking assembly. And that’s not all! You also have the option to add high reveal display rows. These will enable you to showcase your bottles to maximum advantage. Plus, the add-on is also available for the Curved Corner wine racks. Because of this, even wine establishments have taken a great liking to the Designer Series.

Tons of wine bottle storage!

Here you can see how the racks fit together in a seamless manner, making good use of the available space. The client chose a simple and functional layout for their racking arrangement. But if you want something with a bit more flair, you can certainly achieve that as well. The series allows for lots of “mix and match” opportunities. You will have an enjoyable time building your racking with the new extensions offered in this kit. Take for example the Diamond Bin with Front Trim and Solid Diamond Cube. These are the same width and will match up with our five-column add-on extension rack. You can also choose to go with Rectangular Bins or Waterfall Displays to create a beautiful tasting center. To top it all off, throw in a Center Seam Trim to give your assembly a really clean and professional appearance. And of course, don’t forget about your stains and finishes! The client opted for Light Stain on their Premium Redwood racks. We love how the lighter colors stand out against the much darker walls:

Premium Redwood with Light Stain

“What a wonderful addition to our home, everything worked out well.”

~Jack K. ~

Wine Cellar Innovations: Putting A Vintage Flair On Your Wine Cellar

March 6th, 2019

No, you don’t need to undergo an expensive reno to give your wine cellar a different theme. There are ways to achieve a whole new look without dipping into your retirement savings. We’re going to talk about that today! More specifically, we’re going to show you guys how to put a vintage flair on your wine cellar. The vintage vibe is super popular and is a great way to give a standard wine room more character.

Change up your wine cellar flooring!

Change up your wine cellar flooring…

The principle is actually a lot similar to renovating a house. If you don’t want to spend a fortune, then just change up a certain section that will have a significant style impact. The flooring is certainly one of these sections. Notice how a lot of home renos start with the flooring. It’s pretty much the same with a wine cellar. You just have to be a little more meticulous with your choice of materials. Your flooring has to help out with maintaining the ideal storage conditions of the wine cellar. That way, you get to save on overall cost, especially with your wine refrigeration system. So we recommend going for our Vintage Wine Barrel flooring for that perfect vintage touch! It’s made from reclaimed wood components from wine barrels. Your flooring will be a unique work of art, with no two planks exactly alike.

Give your racks and furniture a brand-new finish…

Never underestimate the power of newly stained and/or finished wine racks! It’s like dressing them up in brand new clothing to give your wine cellar a totally fresh look. Since we’re going the vintage route, there are specific finishes that can achieve this for us. One of our favorites is the Dusty Weathered Finish. This will make your wood achieve a timeworn look. This works particularly well with pine, redwood and oak. If you want a solid, darker color to your wood, then try the Dark Weathered Finish. Another wonderful option would be the Distressed Finish. The wood is strategically gouged, dented and scratch to give it the character of an old used pieces of furniture. The result is something very classic, very “antique” and reminiscent of “old-country.”

Add or replace tabletops/countertops!

Add or replace your wine cellar tabletops/countertops…

If you don’t have a tabletop/countertop, then it’s time to add one. You can create a nice tasting or prep station in your wine cellar. It will also be a terrific spot to showcase your beautiful stemware. WCI also carries the Vintage Wine Barrel option for our tabletops and countertops. They will make for the perfect pairing with your Vintage Wine Barrel flooring. But you can also go for full length wood tabletops. Select from our stock wood options, as well as select hardwoods from our non-stock wood inventory. ^_^

Technical Tuesday Episode #422: Contemporary Cool With Modern Wine Cellar Series

March 5th, 2019

Heralding in the marvelous month of March is this must-see wine cellar project. We’re slowly but surely heading into warmer weather and you guys know what that means. Pretty soon, it will be time for lovely garden and backyard parties – with wine! So what better way to inspire us to get started on our wine cellar projects than this lovely confection:

Project #293762
Wood/Series: Modern Wine Cellar Series
Bottle Capacity:n/a
Where: Napa Valley, CA

The Modern Wine Cellar Series

This completed wine cellar features our elegant Modern Wine Cellar Series. We have been having more requests for this racking style since the ushering of the New Year. It’s refreshing to see more clients embracing this contemporary cool design. As one of our newer offerings, this was created to appeal to even the most discerning wine collector. You can see from the photos how organized the bottles are. You can also see how eye-catching the racking units are, especially with the glass-enclosed set-up. The metal supports ensure that the wood platforms are held securely in place. The bottles are safely tucked into the platforms and look like they’re floating on air.

Our Modern Wine Cellar Series is offered in multiple woods and stains. You can choose from our standard Pine, Premium Redwood, All-heart Redwood, or Grand Mahogany. But you can also go for the non-stock wood options. These are custom commercial options such as Black Walnut, Clear Alder, and more. The same applies to the stains and finishes. Select from a wide variety of stains and finishes, including lacquer, to match your theme. We recommend checking out our Interactive Wood Swatch Viewer for this purpose. For this project, our clients chose a gorgeous Midnight Black Stain for their wine racks. We love the bold hues and how they work so well with the walls and other wine cellar decor:

Beautiful Midnight Black Stain on the platforms

Now if you want to have a more ethereal appearance for your racks, you can also switch to Acrylic Bottle Supports. You can have this option instead of the wood platforms. Acrylic is a beautiful material that’s as transparent as glass. It will give your wine cellar a magical feel to it! Learn more about our Acrylic Invisible Wine Racks and how to incorporate this material into your wine cellar. *Cheers*

Key Points To A Successful Home Wine Cellar Transformation

March 4th, 2019

A home wine cellar project can either be a hit or a miss. It’s especially the case with a DIY one. If you’re experienced enough, then things should proceed at a smoother pace. But if you’re a total newbie, then you might want to equip yourself with the essentials before plunging in. Otherwise, you would be spending your good money without getting the results you want. But fear not! A home wine cellar transformation is not rocket science. By knowing some of the key points during the planning stages, you can definitely make it a success:

A "before" shot of the client's wine cellar project

Here we have some great before-and-after snapshots of a client’s home wine cellar project. We will use these to go over the important details that you should properly take into consideration before getting started. Let’s start with the designated space in your home. Obviously, you would have already chosen the area in your home where the wine cellar will be built. You can actually do it anywhere – the basement, the garage, the kitchen, the dining area, or even the living room. If space is tight, you also have alternatives such as a closet or under stairwell transformation. You can also make use of an unused broom or coat closet. However, there is one key point you should never forget. You should be able to create the right environment for your wine bottles in your wine cellar. That being said, a wine cellar should be placed in the coolest and most humid place in your home. This is the ideal scenario. The closer you are to the 55°-58° F temperature and 55-75% humidity that your wine will need, the smaller size cooling unit you will need. This means that the overall maintenance cost will be much lower.The completed wine cellar with double displays

Now that your space is all prepped, the next task would be to choose materials for your flooring and ceiling. Our client went for contrasting wooden elements that worked very well with the racks and furniture. A coffered style ceiling is accented by beautiful lighting fixtures. It made the cellar look a lot more open. This is another important thing to keep in mind. Your flooring and ceiling design should work to make your wine cellar look more spacious. It’s especially so if you have a compact space. Also, don’t forget that the flooring helps with maintaining ideal wine storage conditions. So choose the right type of materials such as wood, cork, or tile. Once the structure is complete, you can have fun assembling your wine racks. Check out the unique double displays that our client chose for theirs! ^_^

“My wine cellar turned out beautifully!”

~Kevin B.~