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Exploring Glass And Metal Combos For Wine Cellar Entryways

February 18th, 2019

We are a big fan of glass-enclosed wine cellars. Just take a peek at our photo gallery and you’ll see a whole section devoted to these types of projects. It’s not such a mystery why though. A glass-enclosed wine cellar is one of the most, if not the most elegant way to showcase one’s collection. There are so many creative ways to design it, whether you’d want to stick to a traditional style or something modern and fresh. And of course, that’s what Wine Cellar Innovations is here for! Let’s go exploring for some unique glass and metal combos for your wine cellar entryways:

Glass x Black Metal Trim for your entryways

Adding trim to the edges is one way to really add character to a wine cellar design. With the growing popularity of contemporary wine cellars, one of the latest trends is the use of black metal trim. We have been seeing more and more projects utilizing metal in combination with glass elements. But to make a more eye-catching statement, black metal is the key. Black is the color of elegance. It is bold, striking, and can be worked into any design theme. By using it in contrast with glass, it enhances the latter and delivers class with a modern vibe. When it comes to wine cellars, there are so many ways to incorporate this glass x black metal trim combo. Here are some of our top picks:

French Doors and sidelights

  • French Doors and Sidelights 

French Doors are highly popular with both residential and commercial projects. As far as wine cellars are concerned, they are a heavy favorite because they allow for maximum visibility of the collection. But instead of the standard French Doors, we recommend adding a twist with the use of black metal trim. This accentuate the silhouettes of the glass panels and make your entryway stand out.

Metal and Glass with Transoms

  • Metal and Glass with Transoms

Not everyone is familiar with the term “transom.” WCI actually offers this as a custom door option. A transom is that beautiful horizontal window over a bar separating out the windows or doors below it. It is a timeless design that will go with any theme or match any existing decor. Combining black metal trim to the edges of the transoms will give it so much character.

Metal and Glass with Door and Sidelights

  • Metal and Glass with Door and Sidelights

This is a slightly different style from the French Doors, but just as classy. The modern metal and glass doors with sidelights use long panels of glass surrounded by metal to break up the space. Check out this example and see how beautiful and elegant it looks with a mixture of metal racking and dark wood diamond bins. ^_^

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