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We Had A Blast This 2018 And We Hope You Did Too!

December 31st, 2018

We had a blast this 2018 and we hope you did, too! It was such a productive year for us here at WCI. There were fantastic product launches that really made a mark in the wine cellar construction business. Props to our Modern Wine Cellar Series for leading the pack! From the Contemporary Cable Wine Racking System down to the Invisible Wine Rack Series, and our latest Steel Rod and Wood Series – the contemporary style is definitely a game changer.

Happy New Year!

Our wine rack kits have stepped it up as well – and not just by a notch or two. The Vintner Series, in particular, has become such a powerhouse product this year. The Vintner Elite Cabinetry line was considerably expanded with the addition of compact cable racking units. Then there was also the launch of the Vintner Bins and Tables which accommodated both residential and commercial wine cellar projects. And speaking of commercial wine cellars, Vintner has really gone full blast with a complete commercial collection as well.

But our wine racking lineup was not the only one that made incredible progress this year. Our selection of wood, stains and finishes was raising the bar as well. The extremely attractive Grand Mahogany saw a great year in wine cellar projects this 2018. Plus, we had three gorgeous additions to our stain and finish options to almost all of our racking products: Whitewash, Graywash, and Opaque White. These options have been made available to more of our wine rack “kits,” and not just our custom lines.

Now with all these amazing improvements this year, what can WCI bring to you and your wine cellars this 2019? All we can say is – we never disappoint! So join us for even bigger and better things in the New Year! *Cheers*

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