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The Top WCI Manufacturing Details To Be Acquainted With

November 26th, 2018

How well do you know WCI’s wine cellar products? What are the attributes of our racks and other accessories that make us unique? Whether you’re a long-time patron or first-time client, there are manufacturing details you must get acquainted with. Some of these details are usually overlooked. But they are some of the major reasons that set WCI part from the rest:

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Of rails, eased edges, and front posts…

Firstly, let’s talk about the WCI racking units. In general, the wine racks we manufacture are equipped with beveled rails with eased edges. Before, this feature could only be seen with our custom units. But through the years, we have also gradually incorporated them into our “kits.” Our Vintner and Designer Series are examples of these.┬áThe beveled front edge provides an aesthetic benefit. It helps create that seamless appearance to any racking assembly. On the other hand, the rails with eased edges have a functional benefit. The eased edge is to ensure that when you are inserting a bottle into the rack that the label does not tear. To date, only our WineMaker from our kits lack this feature. Nonetheless, they sport smooth, square-cut rails and eased edge front posts.

Of CNC machined spacer bars…

Secondly, let’s talk about the spacer bars. If you’re not an old hand in the wine cellar construction scene, it’s quite easy to miss out on this.┬áThe spacer bar is the piece that runs across the entire width of your rack. This piece is dadoed (notched) at various centerlines to provide the proper spacing for your racking. A well-manufactured spacer bar holds the key to a polished and professional looking wine cellar. Take note that WCI spacer bars are machined to include the radius of the post material. This ensures a seamless fit to your racking assembly.

Of water-based stains and finishes…

Thirdly, let’s also give some love to WCI’s water-based stain and finish options. Yes, we have blogged about this particular feature quite a number of times. But this is a manufacturing detail really worth emphasizing. Water-based stains and finishes are beneficial both for the people and the environment. They have little to almost no VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) which can be very toxic. Oil-based stains and finishes contain six times the amount of VOCs. Moreover, they are fire hazards and difficult to clean up. In contrast, the water-based products present no such dangers and can be cleaned with just soap and water. You don’t need to use paint thinner or other solvents.