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Technical Tuesday Episode #409: A Vintner x Grand Mahogany Stunner

November 20th, 2018

You can’t do wrong with some wine cellar combos. Today’s Tech Tuesday showcase is certainly one of them. This stunner of a wine cellar project has everything a discerning wine collector could as for. Let’s check it out in closer detail!

Project # 310783
Wood: Vintner / Grand Mahogany
Bottle Capacity: 1836
Where: Fort Wayne, IN

The location for this wine room in the client’s home was an ideal one. As you can see, this is a basement cellar with generous floor area. So the challenge for the WCI design team was to utilize all that space to its full potential. Naturally, they also had to stay within the client’s budget. The Vintner Series was once again instrumental in accomplishing this goal. Here you can see that the racking assembly exhibits varied racking styles. You have Individual Bottle Storage, Open Diamond Cubes, and Rectangular Bins. These can easily accommodate individual and bulk bottle storage for a little over 1800 bottles:

While the room is spacious, it does have sharp angles and corners. In order to conquer those angles and corners, crown and base moldings were utilized. Keep in mind that Vintner actually offers these molding packages. While these are generally custom amenities, you can acquire them with the Vintner Series wine racks kit. The same is true for the center seam trim. The latter helps make your racking arrangement come together more seamlessly. It covers the gaps when you stack your racking units. As you can see from the photo below, the racks are fitted perfectly. It definitely has a custom feel to it. But the great thing about this is that the client didn’t pay a “custom” price that would go beyond their budget.

Earlier we mentioned that this one of the wine cellar combos where nothing can go wrong. And one of the major reasons for that is the wood option. Vintner offers a slew of wood choices and the client went with unstained Grand Mahogany. If you follow the blog quite faithfully, you might notice the increase in Grand Mahogany projects this year. Customers have been leaning towards this wood option more and more. It’s no surprise though. Grand Mahogany is very visually appealing, with its uniform colors, ranging from medium browns to pale pinks. It is also a high quality wood, matching up to Sapele, Hard Maple, or Cherry. You can browse more wine cellar projects with this wood choice in our photo gallery. Also, don’t forget that if you live in Indiana like our client, our Indiana design consultant is here to help! ^_^