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Technical Tuesday Episode #408: Standout Elegance In Dark Walnut Stain

November 13th, 2018

We’ve always been a fan of clean and crisp lines and solid hues in wine cellar projects. That’s why today’s Tech Tuesday is right up our alley. This beautiful custom wine cellar exhibits standout elegance and certainly worth sharing. Let’s take a visual tour to properly appreciate it:

Project # 310359
Wood: Custom / Premium Redwood
Bottle Capacity: 1410
Where: Canton, GA

At first glance, you can immediately see that this wine cellar is professionally made. The racking assembly covers the entire perimeter of the room in a very smooth manner. As the expression goes, there’s “not a hair out of place” in this project. We can attribute the smooth transition of the racks to their top-notch manufacturing quality. But there are also a few gems that were instrumental in making this all come together. The first one would be the custom crown and base moldings. We cannot emphasize enough how essential they are in making the racking arrangement look really polished. These moldings help close those awkward gaps between the racks and the ceiling and flooring. Plus, since they can be customized, they can work with the curved corner racking units as well:

The second accessory that helped creating this elegant assembly is the stain option used on the racks. Unstained Premium Redwood sports a naturally attractive color. But stains and finishes are key in order to achieve a specific type of look or theme for your wine cellar. In this case, the client wanted a simple but bold silhouette. So our design team wisely chose a Dark Walnut Stain for the racks. Since Premium Redwood has beautiful grain patterns, these show up very well against darker colored stains. Dark Walnut is a deep golden-brown stain that deepens almost all shades of wood. You can check out more swatches for this stain option, as well as for other finishes with our Interactive Wood Swatch Viewer.

Another accessory that can contribute to a flawless layout is the Center Seam Trim. This a custom amenity that has been incorporated into some of our wine rack kits. The Vintner Series is one of these. With the Center Seam Trim, your racking assembly will look even more perfect. That’s because this accessory helps in removing gaps between racking units when you stack them. It’s especially useful when you’re utilizing racks from different series, or a combination of custom and “kits.” This project doesn’t use any center seam trim, but check out our photo galleries for those that do! *Cheers*