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Wine Cellar Inspirations: Accessories To Help Organize Your Wine Cellar

October 31st, 2018

Happy Hallo-wine! That’s the way the pumpkin rolls for us wine lovers, don’t you agree? That’s why we prefer the treats instead of the tricks. But today, we’re going to show you a few simple tricks to help organize your wine cellar. These accessories are easy on the budget but can really do a lot for your collection – especially for commercial wine establishments. Check them out:

Commercial Display Rack Price Tags

Commercial Display Rack Price Tags

This accessory was created to work with commercial wine displays, particularly the Island Display Racks and Wine Merchandisers. The Commercial Display Rack Price Tags are largely requested by many retailers. That’s why we now have specially designed rack labels that fit perfectly in our commercial display price tracks. A great feature of the price tags is that each label has three sections. These three sections hold essential information for grading, describing and pricing your wine. That makes for more convenient classification of one’s wine merchandise.
Island Sign Caddy with Cardboard Insert
Island Sign Caddy with Cardboard Insert
Wine sales and promotions are pretty much the main focus of any wine store. Any proprietor would be keen on picking up the most effective methods of selling the merchandise. This is why the Commercial Island Wine Display Sign Caddy will definitely be a useful item. The sign caddy is a quick and easy way for wine stores to keep the focus where it belongs- on special wines and promotions. The wood frame is available in two styles: glass or cardboard inserts. You will just create an 8.5″ x 11″ sign on your choice of paper and insert it into the Sign Caddy. Just take note that it is designed in landscape layout. Then you can easily switch the signs to accommodate new sales and promotions. Here’s the best part! The Sign Caddy comes in four different woods and stains are also available for certain wood types. Moreover, you can even go custom with your wood choices. Custom wood is available for those seeking a unique look or desiring a perfect match for their store’s existing wine racks.
Wine Bottle Tags
Wine Bottle Tags
Here’s an accessory that is a must for any type of wine cellar. If you have a pretty sizeable collection in your home, these Wine Bottle Tags will be a lifesaver. They provide an excellent method for organizing and identifying your fine wines. The Wine Bottle Tags are made from Mylar and include a permanent marker to label the wines. To make it even more accommodating, a set of bottle tags includes 50 Red wine markers and 50 White wine markers. ^_^

Technical Tuesday Episode #406: Glenville Wine Cellars Debuts Steel & Wood Series

October 30th, 2018

This may be the last Tech Tuesday episode for October, but we daresay it’s one of our best ones. A couple of months ago, we launched a new addition to our modern wine cellars collection: the Steel Rod and Wood series. Today, we’re fortunate enough to have this Tech Tuesday project showcasing the series:

Project # 294873
Wood: Custom/Grand Mahogany
Bottle Capacity: 1205
Where: Glenville Wine Cellars, NC

The Steel Rod and Wood Series

Our client Glenville Wine Cellars wanted a clean and minimalist design for their wine storage. But they also wanted the wine cellar to retain some traditional touches. The Steel Rod and Wood Wine Cellar Series provided for the perfect solution to this design request. As you can see from the pictures of the completed arrangement, the racking units combine wood and steel elements. This combination is the latest trend in modern wine cellars. The stainless steel rods are the epitome of understated elegance. Paired with the wood frames, the racking assembly still exudes a traditional appeal.

Cork-forward and label-forward storage

As far as bottle storage is concerned, this series is definitely one of our most space-efficient ones. Check out the generous capacity this project has. It can store up to a little 1200 bottles and in a number of ways to boot. You can see that the racking units allow for the standard cork-forward storage. But just by adjusting the configurations, the racks can accommodate label-forward storage as well. You can actually see it in the very first picture above. Moreover, you can also choose to showcase your collection by making the racks act as display rows.

Stunning unstained Grand Mahogany

Apart from the fantastic flexibility of the Steel Rod and Wood series, it also comes loaded with custom options. You can select from any of the four top wood choices for the wood frames: All-Heart Redwood, Premium Redwood, Rustic Pine, or Grand Mahogany. Our client went for Grand Mahogany which sports a beautiful, uniformed color. You can see here from a closer look at the racks the consistency in the pinkish brown hues. This is the wood’s natural color, the client going for the unstained version. Nonetheless, you can choose to have your racks stained and finished to suit your style preference. WCI offers a bevy of stain and finish options, as well as lacquer, for this series. You can easily match your own racking assembly with other racking accessories, or with the room’s existing decor. *Cheers*

They’re Here: The Vintner Series Bins And Tables (Part II)

October 29th, 2018

Last Monday’s blog introduced these fantastic new additions to the Vintner Series line. But we also told you guys that was just half of the collection. So today we bring you the rest of the goodies! These bins and tables are sure to have a home in your home or store wine cellar:

108 Bottle Tasting Table

The Designer Series actually carries this tasting table and racking combination. And now you can purchase this from the Vintner Series as well. Tasting tables are one of the most space-efficient wine storage solutions you can have. You get a prep station plus additional bottle storage in just one racking unit. This unit in particular is very versatile. It can be a stand-alone or you can incorporate it easily into your existing racking arrangement. You will find that the 108 Bottle Tasting Table can give you the perfect spot for decanting wine, taking inventory of your collection, and more. Note that the wooden wine tasting table is 6 columns wide x 9 rows high and is 2 deep. As a bonus, the base trim molding is included with the purchase price.

180 Individual Bottle Tasting Table

This product can be considered as the upgraded version of the 108 Bottle Tasting Table, capacity-wise. As it’s name indicates, it allows for storage of up to 180 standard-sized bottles. But it can also accommodate split-sized bottles, as well as small champagne ones. The racks at the bottom feature beveled ends and rounded edges – a custom amenity unique to the Vintner Series. This allows for safe and comfortable bottle storage and replacement, without tearing off the labels. Just like the 108 Bottle Tasting Table, this unit also comes in several wood options, as well as stains and finishes. That includes our latest stain offerings: Whitewash, Opaque White, and Graywash.

216 Bottle Bin Table

Last but definitely not the least, check out the 216 Bottle Bin Table. This is perfect for bulk bottle storage. It can certainly be utilized in both residential and commercial wine cellar projects. The 18 bins below the table provide a variety of storage options. Apart from loose bottles, you can also store wood cases, cardboard cases, and bins. Approximately 12 standard bottles per bin can be accommodated, or even magnums and other larger- format bottles. And of course, you still get the tabletop space to serve as a work station The space is also well suited for placement of fine wine accessories. ^_^

UnWined Boutique Struts Its Stuff With WCI Commercial Displays

October 25th, 2018

Our commercial wine racks are on a roll! This month has been pretty good, sales-wise, for our commercial racking collection. Today’s Testimonial Thursday feature is another addition to DIY projects utilizing our products. UnWined Boutique was nice enough to send in some photos of the assembled units. We loved how they set up their store with the use of WCI’s commercial display racks:

Islands with 4 Display Shelves

It bears noting that UnWined Boutique is a family owned and operated business. That’s why meticulous care is given to the selection of their wine merchandise.  The shop specializes in wines from small boutique vineyards that you might not normally see in bigger chain stores. This is the advantage of these smaller wine stores. The proprietors personally taste and hand pick the wines to better accommodate their customers’ needs and wants. It was the primary goal of UnWined to offer their wine, beer, and spirits in a smaller format. It makes wine buying experience more manageable and less intimidating for their customers. And in order to accomplish this goal, they wanted to create the most suitable wine displays in their store.

As you can see from these snaps, the clients purchased commercial racks in different styles. They bought several Islands with 4 Display Shelves and strategically set these in the center of the room. This way, customers will be able to see the most popular and/or newest labels easily. They also purchased some Islands with Display Rows, as well as some Wine Display Bins. Take note that WCI now offers all these units in both the Vintner and Classic collections. They all come with the same custom options, from the wood down to the stains and finishes. Moreover, you also have the option to add a vinyl covered base platform to your racks. This will raise the rack by about 4 inches off the ground. It will help prevent the accidental kicking of store merchandise and makes for convenient clean-up. Other accessories include plastic price tacks and casters. These can help make your store more organized and give customers a more enjoyable shopping experience.

Wine Display Bins

UnWined Boutique believes in offering its customers a less intimidating menu for wine, spirits and cigars compared to bigger chain stores. The accessible and straightforward set-up that these commercial displays bring has certainly accomplished that. We are really happy to have been a part of it! ^_^

Wine Cellar Inspirations: Hosting A Spooktacular Halloween Wine Party

October 24th, 2018

A wine tasting party for All Hallows Eve? We’re definitely saying yes to that! But how do you host a fun and memorable wine tasting party amidst all those other Halloween parties? Well, for one thing, it’s not a competition. So focus not on impressing your guests but on how to give them an enjoyable experience. Here are some tips to hosting a spooktacular one:

Host a spooktacular Halloween wine party!

Plan it out with your family or friends

If you’re married, or you have a family, or you live with roommates, it’s always a good idea to sit down together and plan things out. That way, you will be able to pool all your ideas and come up with the best party plan. It’s especially so if there will be quite a bit of age variety with your guests. For example, if you’re hosting a family-based party, where will you put the kids while the adults do the wine tasting? How will you keep them entertained? If it’s a strictly adult affair, how will you accommodate the non-drinkers? And how about those experiencing wine tasting for the very first time? With others contributing valuable input, your party will definitely be an awesome one.

Decide on a theme carry it out well

Obviously, it’s going to be a Halloween-themed party. But narrowing it down to something more specific will make things go more smoothly. It will help you decide on the best menu for both the wine and food. You will also be able to choose the most appropriate decor, as well as invitations. Moreover, it will give your guests a better guide on how they should dress up for your party. They key to deciding on a theme is to consider your resources and that of your guests as well. Do not go for anything elaborate if either you or your guests will not be able to meet it.

Plan your food and wine menu ahead of time!

Follow a solid timeline for your party

Time is always an indispensable factor to the success of any party. It doesn’t matter if it’s a formal or informal one. If you want to make it an enjoyable one, free from stress and other worries, managing a solid timeline is essential. It’s especially the case with a Halloween party. Lots of people will be hosting the same kind of event. So the first thing you should do is notify your guests at least 4-6 weeks prior. Don’t forget to ensure an RVSP deadline. Finalize your wine and food list as early as possible. Purchase the “essentials” at least a month before. There is little room for compromise on “essentials.” Last but not the least, prepare your decor ahead of time and put everything in place the night before the event. ^_^

Technical Tuesday Episode #405: Savvy Storage With Commercial Wine Racks

October 23rd, 2018

With the holidays fast approaching, wine establishments should be prepared for those big holiday rushes. It’s not just about the wine merchandise, but one should also be ready to accommodate additional stocks. Moreover, you should also take into account  That means making sure that your racking arrangement will allow for convenient wine shopping for your customers. Now if you’re looking for inspiration, today’s Tech Tuesday might be able to spark that! This savvy storage set-up with WCI’s commercial wine racks is definitely on-point:

Project # 211063
Wood: Custom / CDR 
Bottle Capacity: 3864
Where: Florence, SC

Wine Display Islands

As you can see from these snaps, the store has really maximized on its available space. The racks were chosen with great care so as to accommodate a wide range of wine merchandise. The Island Display Racks and Wine Merchandisers were strategically located in the center of the store. This allows for the display of the store’s most popular, as well as newest labels. Customers will find it easier to locate the labels they want to purchase. This makes perfect sense when the holidays draw near since everyone will be in a mad rush to complete their shopping. These display rows on the island displays and merchandisers were incorporated specifically for that purpose – visibility. That’s why placing them in high traffic areas is highly recommended to stimulate wine sales.

Wine Merchandisers

Both island and displays and merchandisers can also be equipped with sign caddies. You can choose from the standard sign caddy or one with glass insert. Price tracks are also available and can be purchased separately. These accessories will greatly help in organizing the store’s merchandise. Naturally, it will also make shopping less stressful for customers, particularly those who are rushing to make a purchase. For this reason, we also highly recommend adding a Vinyl Base to your commercial racking units. Our client here was smart enough to do so! The vinyl covered base platform raises the racking unit off the ground by a good 4 inches. It will keep the merchandise safe from accidental kicking or other injury, especially during peak store hours. Moreover, it will also make for an easy clean-up.

Dark Walnut Stain option

Talking about custom commercial racking, note that custom options extend to the stain and finish options as well. Our four top wood options are available for all these units: All-Heart Redwood, Premium Redwood, Rustic Pine, and Grand Mahogany. As for the stains and finishes, this also includes lacquer. Our client chose Dark Walnut Stain for these islands and merchandisers. It certainly complemented the wine store’s flooring and existing decor. *Cheers*

They’re Here: The Vintner Series Bins And Tables (Part I)!

October 22nd, 2018

We’ve been keeping it under wraps, but now they’re finally ready to launch! Check out the newest offering by the Vintner Series: the Vintner Bins and Tables collection. They made it just in time for the start of the early holiday shopping season, too. You guys will absolutely love these newest additions to WCI’s most popular wine racks kit:

Magnum Wine Bottle Rack

The Magnum Wine Bottle Rack

Taking a cue from the custom magnum racking units, Vintner now has its own version. This versatile magnum storage wine rack allows for a variety of different-sized bottles to be stored together in the same wine rack. The rack can accommodate wine bottles ranging from a standard 750 ml size all the way up to a double magnum.  Thanks to the larger bin format design of the rack, it affords more versatile storage. But take note that only a case of wine can be stored on top of rack. In addition, it is not recommended to store loose wine bottles on top.

Individual Diamond Bin

Individual Diamond Bin Wine Rack

Next up, we have the Individual Diamond Bin wine rack.  This also used to be available as a custom product. But not anymore! The enhanced design of this rack allows each wine bottle to be stored in an individual cradle.Plus, the diagonal pattern creates a very dramatic storage display for your most valuable labels. This unit is of course, stackable, and can be conveniently installed in any part of the home.

10 Column Bottle Grid

10 Column Bottle Grid

Bottle storage has never been more secure courtesy of the Vintner 10 Column Bottle Grid. This wine rack can be utilized both in residential and commercial projects. It is available in several height configurations – a trademark of the Vintner Series. Naturally, you purchase several units and stack them to accommodate just about any ceiling height. They are also easy to incorporate into any existing racking arrangement.

Adjustable Shelf Cabinet

The Adjustable Shelf Cabinet is already one of the more popular products in our commercial racking line. But now we expect it to be even more in-demand by becoming part of the Vintner “kit.” Owing to its highly flexible “adjustable” configurations, the shelf can store not just wine bottles, but other liquor as well. That’s why it’s also a great option for commercial wine establishments. There is also another version available called the Stackable 2 Column Adjustable Shelf Cabinet.

But hold up, wine cellar buddies! This is only half of the goodies. The Vintner Bins and Tables collection has quite a selection, indeed. So stay tuned next week for Part 2! ^_^


Bedroom Turned Wine Cellar With The Help Of WCI Racks

October 18th, 2018

What do we love more than a satisfied client? A satisfied AND returning client – that’s what! Today’s Testimonial Thursday offers a nice trip down memory lane since our customer Joe was quite familiar with our racking products. He built a wine cellar some ten years ago using WCI wine racks. That’s why he knows that assembly and installation is pretty straightforward – with the right tools.

Unstained custom wine racks

So for this second project, the client got really creative. They moved into a new house and naturally, wanted a proper wine cellar for their collection. The issue was that the house didn’t have a natural place for a wine cellar, unlike their previous residence. But that didn’t deter them from building one. They worked on transforming the spare bedroom on their second floor into a tasting room. We loved how they set everything up, from the unique wine barrel table down to the other accessories.

It so happened that the room also had a walk-in closet. This was the one that they transformed into the actual wine storage. They purchased some Individual Bottle Columns and Open Diamond Bins to accommodate their collection. The wine racks were just the right fit for the narrow space in the walk-in closet. With the addition of some custom crown and base moldings and center seam trim, the assembly looks really clean and polished. Notice, too, that they chose unstained Premium Redwood units for their wine cellar. The natural pinkish-gold hues complement the decor in the tasting room quite nicely. We definitely love this DIY wine storage project and we’re happy the clients chose WCI once again! ^_^

Bedroom turned wine cellar

“I used a nail gun but I pretty much knew what I was doing since built a cellar with your product about 10 years ago in another house (underground). This new house didn’t have any natural place for a cellar so we took a spare bedroom on the second floor and made it a tasting room (photo attached) and converted the walk in closet to the actual temperature controlled cellar. It works fine albeit only half the capacity of what we had prior so we bought stand alone units to supplement the cellar. Put a photo of the exterior of the house also where you can see where we replaced a small window with the air handling unit.” 

~Joe B.~

Wine Cellar Inspirations: Alternatives To A Formal Wine Cellar

October 17th, 2018

All of us love wine, but for sure, not all of us are keen on building a formal wine cellar. The reasons are also quite different. Some don’t have the budget for it. Others are not ready for  the responsibilities that come with the wine cellar construction process. There are also those who do not have the luxury of time to spend on a formal wine cellar project. These reasons shouldn’t stop one from creating the proper storage for one’s collection. There are other alternatives to a formal wine cellar – let’s explore them!

No need for formal wine rooms!

Try out a Wine Tasting Center!

One of the most practical alternatives to a formal wine room is a wine tasting center. It can be assembled anywhere in your home and won’t take up a lot of space. Since there are so many designs to choose from, you also get a good variety of bottle storage styles. Moreover, it’s a lot easier on the budget. The compact nature of a wine tasting center makes it super easy to maintain as well. And don’t forget this: you can easily expand it to a bigger racking arrangement. If you feel like switching to a formal wine room in the future, your tasting center will be a terrific starting point.

Try a wine tasting center!

Explore Modular Wine Storage packages!

Nowadays, wine racking “packages” are becoming more and more popular. They cater mostly to clients living in smaller residential units, such as apartments and condos. They are also the perfect fit for an urban lifestyle. Here at WCI, we actually launched this type of racking product a couple of years ago. It was aptly named the Urban Living Series. It consists of modular wine storage packages, with functional and elite options to boot. The packages combine WIC’s wine rack “kits” with some custom units to fit clients’ storage needs at an affordable price point.

Go for custom refrigerated wine cabinets!

Invest in Refrigerated Wine Cabinets!

Wine cabinets are not an entirely new concept. But custom refrigerated wine cabinets are a totally different thing. Instead of just a standard wine cabinet, you can now have one completely customized. That includes selecting the wine cooling unit that can properly maintain bottle storage conditions for your collection. If you’re not into overhauling or adding an entire room to store your wines, you will love this alternative. A wine cabinet is compact yet spacious and can be built to match any space in your home. It’s especially so with the updated Wine Sentinel Cabinet line here at WCI! ^_^

Technical Tuesday Episode #404: Vintage View Delivers Glass-Enclosed Goodness

October 16th, 2018

Tech Tuesday greetings, fellow wine cellar fans! The contemporary  vibe is really making waves in the wine cellar business these days. We’ve been getting more and more projects seeking for that minimalistic and modern appeal. Naturally, that means that our metal wine racking products are becoming more popular as well. And one of those is none other than the Vintage View Series:

Project # 308469
Wood: Vintage View / Metal
Bottle Capacity: 445
Where: Cincinnati, OH

Vintage View metal racks

We’ve featured so many projects using our Vintage View metal wine racks. That includes lots of DIY wine cellars in our Testimonial Thursdays. Still, a good majority of these projects incorporate metal racking in combination with the traditional wood racking units. So today’s feature belong to the steadily evolving minority of all-metal wine storage.

As one can see from the snapshots of the completed cellar, this is a glass-enclosed design. The clients had allotted a specific section in their residence for compact wine storage. Nonetheless, they also wanted to maximize that restricted space. The metal racking x glass-enclosed combo provided for the most desirable solution. The units from the Vintage View Series are able to provide ample bottle storage without sacrificing too much of the floor area. In fact, the completed cellar looks pretty spacious despite having a capacity of up to nearly 450 bottles:

Glass-enclosed wine storage

It should be noted that the Vintage View Series actually offers two ways of configuring the metal wine racks. The first is the standard wall-mount assembly. These units can be mounted anywhere in the home (or store) which makes them highly space-efficient. They are designed to hold standard sized wine bottles when mounted 7.5 inches apart. However, they can also hold split-sized bottles when mounted 5.5 inches apart. This feature alone makes this series very versatile.

But in addition to that, there’s a second way of installing the racks. They can also be displayed floor to ceiling with the help of a Floor to Ceiling Frame. This is purchased separately, but it allows your bottles to have that “floating” look. This is also utilized in this project, with some of the racks mounted floor-to-ceiling. Moreover, function aside, Vintage View delivers glass-enclosed goodness with style. You can actually choose from three different finishes for your racks: Satin Black, Brush Nickel, or Chrome Plated. The finishes will give your wine cellar a simple but sleek appearance. And that definitely spells “contemporary”! *Cheers*

All The Deets On WCI’s Newest Vintner Acrylic Racks!

October 15th, 2018

A few blog posts ago, we talked about how Vintner has added more members to it’s ever growing family. One of these new additions was the Vintner Acrylic wine racks. There is much to appreciate about this super unique racking unit, from space-efficiency down to design. So join us in checking out all the deets on these babies:

Vintner Acrylic 9 Column Individual

The acrylic material is not entirely a new concept here at WCI. We introduced our Invisible Wine Rack Series and Acrylic Cube Series a few years back. Both are part of our Modern Wine Cellar Series, designed to cater to customers seeking that clean, minimalistic, and contemporary appeal. The Vintner Acrylic 9 Column Individual Racking was modeled after the Invisible Wine Rack Series. The latter takes large sections and parses them out like a riddling wine rack concept. You can see that the neck holders give the elegant appearance of floating wine bottles. The bottles are securely held via the specialized wine slots. The overall effect is a high-end modern feel to your wine cellar.

Taking its cue from that series, the Vintner Acrylic 9 Column Individual Racking comes in a variety of height configurations. By working with the 3-feet and 4-feet units, you can stack your assembly all the way up to 9 feet. You also get custom options from the wood, down to the stains and finishes, and even additional trim.  As far as the stain and finish options are concerned, these include the newest offerings: Whitewash, Graywash, and Opaque White. Lacquer is also an available finish for this racking style. But here’s the best part: this acrylic beauty ships fully assembled! That means all you need to do is pop in your wine bottles and you’re wine storage is good to go:

An ethereal "floating" look

Naturally, the greatest appeal of this repurposed concept is the “floating” effect it can give your wine bottles. Because of the transparent material, this effect is actually even more dramatic compared to the Vintage View Series. If you’re after that modern vibe with a traditional touch, this is the racking style to consider. You can create a focal point of floating wine racks encased in wood to mix and match with your other units. And since this is Vintner, you can customize the wood choice, along with the stains and finishes. The design possibilities are limitless! ^_^

WineMaker Series Completes Client’s DIY Wine Room

October 11th, 2018

DIY wine cellar stories are definitely one of our favorite blog topics. It’s even more so when the clients use our products and are proud of what they have achieved with them. There are even those whose creativity can rival some of our design professionals! We love what they can come up with using our racking units – and that’s exactly what we have here today:

WineMaker Wine Tasting Center

Our client Paul built this wine room with a rustic flavor together with his dad. They were actually working on it for about a year. They utilized a portion of their home’s unfinished basement which is the perfect location for the cellar. They had already put down the flooring, the beautiful stone walls, as well as some great lighting accessories. However, they were still searching for the most suitable wine racks for their collection. That’s when they stumbled upon WCI’s WineMaker Series Wine Rack kits. The clients loved the combination of quality and affordability that the WineMaker Series possesses. It was a practical choice, but it wasn’t stingy on style as well. There was a great variety of bottle storage options available, from individual to bulk bottle storage.

Rustic Pine unstained

So as you can see from the snaps the client sent, they went with our WineMaker Tasting Centers. In particular, they purchased the WineMaker Series Individual Tasting Center with Displays and Case Storage. The wood option is Rustic Pine and they went for the unstained version. They also added an archway and tabletop option to complete the look. Just this tasting center was enough to store a good number of their bottles, as well as some wine cases below. It completes the entire set-up!

Now check out the image below. Here it can be clearly seen that the bottle necks stick out from the racks. This is the unique feature of this series. The racking units are manufactured with shallow depth, making them very space-efficient. Yet, the body of the wine bottle is fully supported within the wine racks. Just take note that with these racks, you’ll need to mount them 1 1/2″ off the wall. This is to ensure proper bottle stability. Needless to say, Paul and his dad did a terrific job here. We’re glad that WineMaker was a major part of their wine cellar project. ^_^

Shallow-depth racks

“The rack fits our need perfectly. My Dad and I built this room from reclaimed pallet wood. We did it all by ourselves from a part of unfinished basement. It took a year, but it is finally complete and the rack is a main part. Thanks!”

~Paul M.~

Wine Cellar Inspirations: Fun Wine Games For Your Halloween Party

October 10th, 2018

Halloween night is still weeks away, but planning early for your Halloween party is always a good idea. Apart from your food and wine menu, you should definitely think about providing some entertainment. If you’re going to have a good number of guests, an icebreaker or two is in order. Here are some fun wine games you can try out:

Fun wine games to try out!

The Blind Man’s Wine Challenge

This is quite a heavy favorite with a lot of wine tasting parties. There’s a general set of rules, but you can modify the game to suit the party mood. The great thing about this is that both beginners and expert wine tasters can participate. So if you have a mixed crowd, this will help to put everyone at ease and enjoy the rest of the night. Prepare several bottles of wine (make them as varied as possible), blindfolds, adhesive labels, and markers. You will also need some disposable cups, paper and pencil for each guest, and a list of wines. Cover the wine bottles with adhesive labels and number them. Put the corresponding numbers on the cups as well. Each guest should have a cup for each bottle of wine. Hide the wine bottles and when your guests arrive, give each of them a blindfold. Give each guest the first cup, and have them the wine. Read off a list of the wines the guests are tasting, and have them write down their best guesses. Once everyone has tasted all the cups and put down their guesses, the blindfolds are removed. It’s time to check who identified the most number of bottles correctly!

Guess the number of corks!

Guess The Number Of Corks/Caps

This game is easy to prepare and won’t give any of your more experienced guests an upper hand. Prepare two or three transparent glass jars of varying sizes. Fill them up with wine bottle corks or caps. Put a sheet of paper and pen in front of each jar. As your guests arrive, have them write down their guesses for each jar on the paper, next to their names. Don’t forget to prepare some nice “prizes” for the winners. The one who can make a guess closest to the number of corks/caps inside the jars wins. There will be one winner for each jar!

Wine Toss With A Twist

Wine Toss is always a fun way to loosen everyone up. But instead of the usual wine toss, try putting a twist into the game to make it more challenging. Here’s how it goes! First, set up some empty wine bottles and divide your guests into two (or three) groups.  Each group will receive the same number of rings. As the host, you will read off some trivia questions. Your guests will try to toss the rings into the wine bottle which they think is the correct answer. The catch? Once a group runs out of rings to toss, they can’t answer any more questions. So they have to be careful not to waste a lot of rings on just one question. Naturally, the group with the most number of correct answers wins! ^_^

Technical Tuesday Episode #403: Midnight Black Racks With Satin Lacquer

October 9th, 2018

As they say, black is beautiful – and we couldn’t agree more. Black is a color that radiates elegance. That’s why with fashionistas, it’s kind of like a golden rule. When you’re in doubt of what to wear, wear black. We’re finding that the timeless appeal of this color has been influencing a lot of our wine cellar projects as well. Naturally, we’re all for it! Today’s Tech Tuesday is another addition to our “bold and black” racking arrangements:

Project # 306315
Wood: Custom / Premium Redwood
Bottle Capacity: 889
Where: Atlanta, GA

Midnight Black Stain on Premium Redwood racks

This completed wine room for our client in Atlanta, GA boasts of custom racking units and a bottle capacity of nearly 900. As you can see from these images, the space allotted for the cellar is quite narrow. However, it was maximized really well thanks to the customized wine racks. The snaps below show the variety in bottle storage options as well. You have Individual Bottle Columns with High Reveal Displays, Open Vertical Displays, and Open Diamond Bins. Notice, too, that there is room even for the storage of wine boxes or crates. This was accomplished by adding wood case bottles and  adjustable shelves. Moreover, the inclusion of the archway with tabletop makes for a nice focal point for the wine cellar. And of course, the Quarter Round Displays gave the entire set-up a beautifully finished look:

Classy and versatile racking arrangement

The arrangement aside, what really makes an impression with this project are the wine racks. They are dressed up in a stunning Midnight Black Stain option. The jet black color makes such a dramatic impact and leaves a lasting impression, don’t you agree? Some clients are not quite daring enough to try this color on their wine cellars. But in the recent years, we’ve had more requests for this stain option. It’s especially so with clients who want a more modern appeal to their wine cellars. Midnight Black Stain is indeed a departure from traditional woodworking finishes. It offers a contemporary charm which is both eye-catching and classy.

Satin Lacquer finish

To top it all off, the wine racks were also coated with a Satin Lacquer layer. Lacquer is also a highly popular finish option here at WCI. It gives the racks a smooth, gleaming finish, as well as a luxurious ambiance. Since the wood choice is Premium Redwood, you can see how the stains and finishes are beautifully showcased. That’s because Premium Redwood is a clear grade of wood that absorbs stains and finishes very well. You can check out our photo galleries for more projects utilizing the Midnight Black Stain option. You might be the next one who’d want it for your wine cellar, too! *Cheers*

Wine cellar cooling unit

Explore WCI’s Different Wall-Mounted Wine Racking Options

October 8th, 2018

When it comes to space-efficiency, wall-mounted wine racks are certainly second to none. They are also one of the best ways to give your wine storage a contemporary charm. As far as the price point is concerned, the also suit the budget. It’s especially so with WCI’s wall-mounted racking options. If you haven’t explored these yet, then you definitely should. We have a bevy of different styles that will suit wine cellars of all shapes and sizes!

Wall-Mount Wine Racks

The Wall Wine Rack Series

Let’s start with the Wall Wine Rack Series. The units are created from Premium Redwood and are available in 4-Bottle, 9-Bottle, and 13-Bottle configurations. These space-savvy racks were cleverly fashioned in a classic riddling rack standard. So basically, all you need to do is insert the wine bottles by the neck into the available slot. The entire body of the bottle comes out perpendicularly to the wood wine rack. But the neck is safely supported from the inside of the box with special notches. You can install the units in any available wall space in your home – or as additions to an existing wine room. Note that with this system, the bottle label is visible to read, quite similar to a label-forward storage. The system is designed to fit most Bordeaux and Burgundy sizes.

STACT Aluminum Wine Racks

The STACT Metal Wine Racks

Giving your wine cellar a really unique look can be done the stress-free way with the STACT series. These wine racks have lots of customization options, you’re going to enjoy working with them. They come in ten gorgeous finishes, including vibrant shades such as electric orange and citrus green. But you also get colors that really spell “contemporary,” such as white oak, gunmetal gray, and blackout. Moreover, the units are expandable to fit your walls the way that you want. A STACT wine rack is comprised of three components: the panel, aluminum bottle supports, and wall brackets.  Each kit comfortably holds 9 bottles, but will carry 12 when arranged side-by-side.

Grain + Rod Panels

The Vintage View Grain + Rod Panels

Our Vintage View Series is well-known for its award-winning wall-mount designs. Recently it added a new member to its family: the Grain + Rod Panels. These units come in two configurations: the cork forward panels and the label forward ones. One of the biggest advantages of these racks is that they can be mounted to any wall surface. That includes drywall and other similar surfaces. Each unit can hold 9 standard 750 ml bottles and comes with 3 wood and 2 metal finish options.

WCI Brings Positive Vibes To Client’s Wine Cellar Experience

October 4th, 2018

First Testimonial Thursday for the month of October is up! It’s technically “Spooktober” because naturally, everyone will looking forward to celebrating Halloween. And we’re definitely up for that! But before we get those scary vibes going, let’s focus on some positive ones first. Today’s project is totally bringing us that, thanks to a very satisfied client:

Vintner Series utilized for this wine room

Our client Steve was in the process of completing his wine room and was searching for the most suitable racking units. He was able to find what he was looking for in the WCI website. It didn’t come as a surprise that he chose the Vintner Series for the job. Vintner provides for an amazing style selection that can rival custom wine racks. The modular wine storage units are easy to assemble and can accommodate any ceiling height. Moreover, the molding packages and extra options offer so much flexibility. That’s why you can utilize Vintner racks to equip wine cellars of any size and shape.

By checking out the snaps that our client sent, you can see just how well the wine rack kits worked for him. He purchased some Individual Bottle Columns, Curved Corners, and Open Diamond Bins. Moldings and center seam trim were also thrown in to finish off the racking assembly. The client went with unstained Premium Redwood for the wood option. The pinkish brown hues complemented the flooring and off-white walls beautifully. We also like that recessed lighting was used in this project. The overall effect is elegant with a rustic appeal.

Lovely colors of unstained Premium Redwood

Our racking products aside, the client also praised the customer service extended by WCI during the entire process. This kind of feedback is very much appreciated as customer satisfaction is always our top priority. That’s why we consistently work to improve both our products and services. Our experienced wine cellar sales force has a wealth of experience in each the construction, interior design or wine/liquor industries. We make sure that all details concerning any facet of a project are covered. Our goal is always the client’s satisfaction in all stages – even post-installation and assembly. That’s why we hope that when the time comes for us to do YOUR wine cellar, we can bring these positive vibes as well. ^_^

“Customer support was great. Diego Sorto was extremely helpful during the installation. Overall my experience with WCI was very positive.”

~Steve V.~

Wine Cellar Inspirations: Terms To Learn In Wine Cellar Construction

October 3rd, 2018

Embarking on your very first wine cellar project? Then there are terms that you will encounter that might not make a lot of sense. So it’s definitely a good idea to enrich your wine cellar construction vocabulary. Here some terms that you need to get acquainted with. They will shed a lot of light on the construction process. The added knowledge will let you arrive at the best decisions concerning your wine cellar.

Build your wine cellar the right way!

Studs and Soffits

Studs need to be installed if it is a newly built wine cellar. You will need to “stud the space” in order to frame out your wine cellar project. You usually start by sealing the concrete foundation walls prior to installing studs. Soffits are basically used to cover ducting, piping, or other obstructions. Take note that the lighting installed in the soffit should be placed far enough away. This is so that it will not interfere with the finished racking and/or ducting depth. That includes the depth of crown molding. A good rule of thumb to follow is to leave a 1-inch gap from the front of the crown molding to the closest edge of the ring on the can light. It is recommended to use IC can lights so you can insulate around them.

Make sure you pick the right kind of wood for your racks!

Plain Sawn vs Quarter Sawn Lumber

When choosing wood for your wine racks, these two terminologies can come in handy. Plain sawn lumber is one that is sawed parallel to the annual growth rings. This practice makes the wood visually appealing. Moreover, it makes it easier to produce from a log and gives it a varied grain appearance. Here at WCI, plain sawn lumber is the standard offering for our wood options. In contrast, quarter sawn lumber is one that is sawed perpendicular to the annual growth rings. In doing this, the wood really can really showcase its grain patterns. That’s why this method is sometimes requested in hardwoods. Keep in mind that material costs are higher for woods sawn in this technique. This is also part of the “customization” that WCI can do for clients upon request.

There are various rail options to choose from!

SB Rail, Beveled Rail, and Molding Rail

It is important to know how a wine racking unit is structured to ensure the safety of your bottles. Naturally, it should also be aesthetically pleasing. The various racking “series” here at WCI also have different kinds of rails to support the wine bottles. Learning more about these will aid you in selecting the most suitable one for your collection. The SB Rail is one that is used at all locations where a spacer bar will be placed. It is square-cut and recessed to create a snug fit. The Beveled Rail is tops in aesthetics and helps keep label tearing to a minimum. Our Vintner Series utilizes this type of rail. Lastly, there’s the Molding Rail. This is flush mounted to the front of a rack, leaving no gaps when molding is applied.


Technical Tuesday Episode #402: Achieving Uniqueness With Blended Stain Racks

October 2nd, 2018

Not everyone is a risk taker when it comes to designing a custom wine cellar. A lot of people still prefer the understated elegance of traditional concepts. And believe us, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that! We’re all for those clean lines, straightforward layout, and classic hues. But we also like to encourage clients to be a little bit more adventurous. With so many wine racking and other products being launched, the customization options are almost endless. This is, after all, the key to achieving uniqueness. That’s why today’s Tech Tuesday is really worth the spotlight!

Project # 299499
Wood: Custom / Premium Redwood
Bottle Capacity: 91802
Where: Kitty Hawk, NC

Beautiful dark-colored wine racks

Stunning was the first word that came to find when we saw the photos of this wine cellar project for a client in Kitty Hawk, NC. While it is a fairly average-sized wine cellar, there was nothing average about the overall design. Our team assembled and installed custom racking units to properly utilize the available space. As you can see from the photos, there is a healthy variety of bottle storage options. Choice wine cellar accents were also thrown in to really tie the racking assembly together. We’re definitely a fan of the Quarter Round Displays that neatly capped off the assembly at both ends. The custom crown and base moldings and center seam trim are also instrumental in giving this project a very polished appearance. But what really gave the wine cellar character is the gorgeous, dark-colored wine racks:

Blended Stain option on the racks

These units were all dressed up in our Blended Stain option. Take a closer look at the racks in the images below. You will notice that the hues are just a tad lighter that our Midnight Black Stain option. There is still some tinges of dark brown that are peeking through. These colors go really well with the flooring which, in itself, is also totally unique. We love the color-blocking concept which is reminiscent of the Vintage Wine Barrel flooring. See how the racks and flooring accentuate each other without overpowering any of the other design elements. Again, this is all thanks to the Blended Stain option. It gives our clients even more choices in creating the style that they want for their wine cellars. We can just blend any of our current stains together to create something custom for you! That includes taking a custom match and matching it up. *Cheers*

Clean and luxurious layout

New In: Fantastic Additions To The Vintner Elite Cabinetry Line!

October 1st, 2018

Just when you thought the Vintner Series can’t get any better, guess what? It definitely can! Remember how this series introduced its exclusive Elite Cabinetry line just last year? We showcased several stunning units last year and they were a hit with the customers. So this year, we’re adding more and making this line even more amazing!

Acrylic 9 Column Individual

The Acrylic 9 Column Individual

The very first addition we’re going to introduce is this beautiful Acrylic 9 Column Individual. We launched our Acrylic Wine Cubicles a few years back and they became really popular with contemporary wine cellar projects. The transparent material makes your wine bottles take on a floating appearance. This in itself is highly unique and gives your wine cellar a whimsical ambiance. The best part, though, is that this unit is available in several height configurations, just like the other racks from the Vintner Series. By stacking the 3-feet and 4-feet racks, you can as high as 9-feet for your assembly. This in turn can accommodate up to 162 bottles. Moreover, take note that the Acrylic 9 Column Individual was fashioned from one of our custom creations.  That means you get the look and feel of custom racking, re-purposed into this wine racks kit.

Cable Racking with 3 Display Rows

Our Cable Wine Racking system is one of our most popular styles in WCI’s modern wine cellars collection. It is a minimalistic, but very attractive way of showcasing one’s collection. The units are crafted from stainless steel which is perfect for high humidity environments.

Cable Racking with 3 Display RowsThere is no danger of them rusting out. As far as secure storage is concerned, these strong cables are attached to wood panels above and below. All these features have been reproduced in the Cable Racking with 3 Display Rows in Vintner’s Elite Cabinetry line. That includes the custom options for the wood panels! This means you can customize your wood, as well as the stains and finishes. It also includes the lacquer option, since this is the Vintner Series after all. Just like the Acrylic 9 Column Individual, this rack also comes in various height configurations. You can select the smaller option, or go all the way up to 9-feet. Now you can have this incredibly sophisticated racking system at a more affordable price point!

Also, bear in mind that these racks can be easily combined with other Vintner products, as well as from other series. These fantastic additions are certainly worth checking out! ^_^