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Creating Unique Wine Cellars With Our Newest Stain Offerings

July 30th, 2018

We’re down to our last July blog, wine cellar buddies! This month was chock-full of inspiring projects and product launches. But we still have one more special feature up our sleeve in order to end the month on a high note. You’ve already seen us showcasing our newest stain offerings in a number of blog posts. So today, we’re going to show how you can create unique wine cellar styles with them.

Whitewash Stain

Rustic elegance with Whitewash Stain

Let’s start with the Whitewash Stain option. This stain works to give a whitish cast to the wood. It is actually a versatile finish that complements the clean, open themes of modern décor. When applied to your wine racks, it will make your cellar exude a “cottage by the seaside” feel. That’s because wood dressed up in Whitewash Stain takes on a fresh and clean appearance. It is essential to keep in mind that Whitewash Stain is a semi-transparent stain. That means that your wood’s grain patterns will still show through. It also adds a definitive ‘texture’ to the wood. This is what gives the wine racks that sought-after “rustic elegance.”

Opaque White Stain

Pristine beauty with Qpaque White Stain

Next up is our Opaque White Stain option. If you’re a fan of all-white kitchen cabinets, shelving, and the like, this is the stain option to try out. It will give your racks and other wine cellar furniture a pristine white appearance. Unlike the Whitewash Stain, Opaque White is not semi-transparent. It will coat your wood thoroughly. That means you will not be able to see through the Opaque White to the grain on the wood. Also, take note that a primer is added on to the wood firsthand. Then it is stained with white which makes for a pristine, solid finish.

Gray Wash Stain

Traditional with a modern twist with Gray Wash Stain

One of the newest stain offerings that rolled out of our production lines is the Gray Wash Stain option. Several months of careful testing was carried out before this stain option made it to the WCI stains and finishes catalog. The end goal was to create a look for wine cellar racks and furniture that is both traditional and modern. The gorgeous color of Gray Wash is uniform and smooth on the wood. It is a semi-transparent stain, much like the Whitewash. The only difference is that there is no texture that comes through.So your racks or furniture will sport a smooth finish while showing the beauty of the wood beneath it. ^_^

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