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Wine Cellar Inspirations: Going For Eco-Friendly Wine Cellar Lighting

July 18th, 2018

Task and accent lighting plays quite a meaningful role in a wine cellar project. It can help accentuate your collection in a most attractive manner. Not only that, it can also illuminate other accessories, such as fine artwork. It also serves to set the kind of ambiance you’d want your wine cellar to have. But most importantly, lighting elements make it convenient to locate the labels you want. This is especially true for really large wine rooms. That’s why care must also be taken in selecting suitable lighting accents. In our case, we highly recommend going for eco-friendly options!

Low Profile IC Can Downlights

Low Profile IC Can Downlight

This type of lighting is specifically designed for ceiling and soffit applications. The lights are embedded into the ceiling, archway, or molding. It is recommended to utilize these downlights for either a new construction of project remodel. This is because the construction should have the ability to run the proper electrical and have access to the ceiling joists. Here at WCI, we are proud to say that our IC Can downlights are energy efficient. Features include small aperture and low voltage specification grade housing. Moreover, the integral low voltage electronic transformer prolongs lamp life and increase lighting quality.

Recessed LED Downlights

Recessed LED Downlight

Next up is another downlight option and a pretty popular one. The recessed LED downlight is best for shining the spotlight on your collection.  In general, LED lights a far more energy efficient compared to the conventional incandescent and CFL ones. That makes them the more environmentally friendly choice as well. Very reliable researches and tests have shown that LED lights can reduce electricity costs by 70-90%. This kind of lighting has an exceptionally long life time expectancy. So if you go for recessed LED downlights in your wine cellar, you can significantly lower maintenance and replacement costs. Currently, WCI also offers the LED Lighting Kit. This is actually a flexible LED light strip ribbon with adhesive tape attached. It is safe and super easy to use.Wine cellar owners would be able to perform the installation themselves!

Fluorescent Slimlites

Fluorescent Slimlites

There are also lighting accessories that are best for enhancing decorative applications in your wine cellar. Let’s take for example an intricate stained glass artwork in a wine cellar archway. You will need to illuminate this in order to bring out the beauty of the stained glass. The most effective way to do this would be through the use of fluorescent slimlites. It is quite easy to install them and they sport an easy-to-clean plexiglass cover. The plug-in modular system makes for continuous lighting. Also, fluorescent slimites have extremely long bulb life, rated 10,000/hour. That makes them a wonderful eco-friendly choice as well! ^_^


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