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Happy New Year, Wine Cellar Fans!

January 1st, 2018

Welcome, 2018! It’s going to be an absolutely exciting year for us and of course, for you wine cellar fans. There is so much in store for this year and we can’t wait to get started. But patience is a virtue! So before we get down and awesome on all the new stuff the WCI team has in store for this year, here are some food for thought you might want to chew on. They’ll definitely get your year off to a wonderful start:

1. Pour in the love this year as you would your wine.

2017 was an amazing year but we could not do away with controversies and negative concepts, especially in politics. So let’s try even harder this year to focus on positive things and make #lovewins a reality. A more positive and caring attitude towards each other, towards our work, and towards the world in general will change things immensely. Even in the smallest actions such as a smile or a helping hand, great things are bound to happen.

2. Be more “social media responsible.”

No doubt about it, social media has really become the ultimate game changer in 2017. Social media platforms have become so powerful in communicating people’s opinions and ideas. Moreover, they have become so influential that people rely on them so much to make their decisions. Unfortunately, the negativity also starts from there. That’s because people abuse social media and use it to achieve less than desirable goals. Also, a lot of us have become so dependent in social media that we forget to establish meaningful personal communication with others. This year, let’s make it a goal to use social media responsibly to foster positivity and healthy relationships with others.

3. Pursue and realize your goals.

It’s not enough that you set goals this year. You have to actually act on them and bring them to fruition – like your wine cellar goals. WCI has made the wine cellar construction process even more convenient last year and there are even better changes this year. So let us help you bring to life your dream wine cellar this 2018! ^_^


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  1. Laura A DeRuvo writes:

    Beautiful New Year’s sentiments. Wine can enhance, “meaningful personal communication with each other,” along with enhancing each of the above 3 intentions for the year. Safe journeys as you travel to you destinations…”Arrive Alive!” Remember…”Wine Cellular Innovations” could also be lucrative 😊

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