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Technical Tuesday Episode #356: A Pop Of Color With Rustic Pine in Classic Mahogany

October 31st, 2017

You don’t need to overthink in order to make your wine cellar stand out. Sometimes, a simple and even inexpensive solution can get the job done. For example, a pop of color and/or texture might be all you need to give your wine cellar more character. Today’s Tech Tuesday feature shows us how it’s done:

Project # 294120
Wood: Custom / Rustic Pine
Bottle Capacity:
Where: Cincinnati, OH

Compact wine cellars can go either way. They’ll either blend in with your existing furniture and decor for that natural built-in look, or they can stand out. It’s definitely a style preference, but if you want to take the latter route, how would you do it? Or to be more specific, how would you do it without spending a small fortune? This Tech Tuesday project injected that pop of color through the use of stains and finishes! It’s certainly one of the best ways to go. You can create an amazing variety of unique looks for your wine cellar with them. In this particular project, our design team went for Classic Mahogany stain option.

Classic Mahogany, as a default, is a beautiful, rich, reddish-brown stain that gives the wood a dramatic finish. It also works to enhance the wood’s natural wood grain and inherent personality. In this case, the stain was applied on Rustic Pine – the wood of choice for the racking assembly. Since Rustic Pine has that natural, creamy color with a spattering of subtle streaks and structurally sound knots, the reddish-brown tint becomes more emphasized. In fact, the racks have taken on a gorgeous tone resembling red wine:

Speaking of Rustic Pine, it should be kept in mind that the wood is already attractive in its unstained state. Nonetheless, it also lends itself to a variety of stains and finishes to help you achieve the look you want for your wine cellar. Note Rustic Pine is particularly suited for weather finishes. This is where we strip down the intergrain matter to approximate the appearance of wood that has been aged outside for decades. It will give your wine racks that authentic old wine country feel. Since Rustic Pine absorbs and retains all types of finishes very well, the colors become more pronounced in the dark stained woods. The grain patterns also become more prominent. Plus, when lacquer is added, the grain pattern continues to get magnified.

All these being said, we really love the way the racks have taken on a more vibrant appearance with Classic Mahogany. Do you also prefer this color for your wine racks? Share your thoughts with us! *Cheers and Happy Halloween!*