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Wine Cellar Inspirations: Why Redwood Is A Top-Notch Wood Option

October 25th, 2017

We always mention Redwood in a lot of our Tech Tuesday blogs, as well as our Testimonial Thursdays. But this wood specie just keeps impressing us more and more each time. Recent unfortunate events in Northern California have brought to light more interesting facts about Redwood.

Be inspired by Redwood!

Be inspired by Redwood!

We’re pretty sure no one missed out on the horrific news of the wildfires that have devastated the Northern California communities. Santa Rosa was one of those who took a spectacular amount of damage. Properties were reduced to heaps ash and more than just a few lives were taken. It was a harrowing image of loss and destruction. But it is also in times like these where inspiring stories of bravery, charity and camaraderie are born. We’ve also found our own small but significant silver lining amidst the devastation, thanks to Redwood.

If you’re a frequent visitor of our blog, you’d probably be familiar with our SFI-certification (Sustainable Forestry Initiative) program for our Redwood products. We’ve been proudly marketing our Redwood products bearing the SFI stamp of approval.┬áThis gives our customers the assurance that the Redwood purchased has been harvested in an environmentally sound manner. When the Northern California wildfires hit, we were painfully aware that they included the areas where Redwood was grown. But here’s what we discovered!

Our Redwood is SFI-certified!

In 2008, more than 2,000 fires ignited forests in Northern and Central California during a single summertime lightning storm. Overwhelmed by conflagrations in drier areas, firefighters allowed many of fires in coast redwood forests to burn. During that time, researchers discovered that two species proved impressively resistant against fires: the Tanoaks and Redwoods. But research showed that Redwood was nearly indestructible. It seems that Redwood can suck moisture out of the fog at night. These trees live in the foggy coastal strip between the mountains and the sea. While other species get stressed out for lack of water, the Redwood species flourishes.

This bring us to the current state of events. Redwood can be used to represent a symbol of hope to the victims of the Northern California wildfires. It remains resilient and ready to embrace regrowth – a new beginning amidst the adversity. It’s also a huge reason why here at WCI, we keep expanding our wine cellar products utilizing Redwood as a wood option. Check out our expansive gallery of California Redwood wine cellar projects and see the beauty of this wood inside and out. ^_^