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Technical Tuesday Episode #355: Premium Redwood And Divine Dark Walnut Stain

October 24th, 2017

When in doubt as to what direction your wine cellar project should take, the clean and simple route is always recommended. You cannot go wrong with simple but classy lines and just jazz it up with a pop of color. This is exactly the route our Tech Tuesday client decided to take – with very satisfying results:

Project # 289343
Wood: Custom/ Premium Redwood
Bottle Capacity: 1183
Where: Madison, AL

Premium Redwood wood option

There is nothing out-of-the-ordinary about this wine racking arrangement. But the uncomplicated layout served to highlight the finer details of this project. Just at a glance, you can already see the excellent quality of the racks’ craftsmanship. You can also see the variety in both individual and bulk bottle storage options. Individual Bottle Columns, High Reveal Displays, Open Diamond Bins with Solid Face Trim, Open Diamond Cubes, Rectangular Bins – all these were incorporated into a seamless assembly.

Dark Walnut Stain

The straightforward set-up also accentuated the other elements of this project, specifically, the wood and stain choices. All the custom racking units were crafted from Premium Redwood and drenched in Dark Walnut Stain. We think that it was certainly a wise decision to go with a darker hued stain for the racks. This really helped make the racking units pop out against the light-colored walls. Moreover, it wonderfully emphasized the grain patterns of Premium Redwood. Premium Redwood is a clear grade of wood with attractive colors that range from white to pink to red and reddish brown. It also boasts of beautiful grain patterns that really stand out against darker stains and finishes. While unstained Premium Redwood is already eye-catching, it is even more of a stunner when dressed up like this:

Custom LED lighting accessories

Another accessory added to this project was the custom wine cellar lighting. A linear LED Display lighting system was used to shine the spotlight on the racks and eventually, on the bottles, once the client has this cellar all filled up. What’s great about WCI’s lighting accessories is that can actually purchase LED Lighting Kits which are super easy to install. The kit consists of 16.4ft Flexible LED Light Strip Ribbon with adhesive tape attached. It can be easily cut and linked and comes with a self-adhesive back with adhesive tape for flexible and easy application. And of course, since WCI’s thrust is promoting eco-friendly wine cellars, our LED Lighting Kits require no batteries. That means no lead or mercury and no UV or IR Radiation. *Cheers*