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Whitewash Stain Option On Your Vintner Wine Racks

October 23rd, 2017

We love wood wine racks in their natural state. But we also have a very soft spot for custom stains and finishes. You can do so much, design-wise, when you stain and finish your racks. It also makes it easier to match your home’s existing decor, especially if you want your racking assembly to look truly built-in. For all these reasons and more, we’ve been working on expanding our stain and finish options. Our latest accomplishment is with our Vintner Series wine racks kits. Read on and find out what it is!

The Whitewash Stain Option

Whitewash stain

We’ve recently added the Whitewash stain option to all our Vintner racking units. This stain swatch is located on the second row on the ‘Step 3 : Choose Stain’ line in the buy box area. You can identify this with the stain code: “WW.” Whitewash is not a common stain and finish option, but it has recently become more popular with wine cellar projects. We attribute it to its versatility and the way it gives a wine cellar that fresh and clean appearance.

For the record, Whitewash is a semi-transparent stain. It exudes a subtle textured finished. It won’t come out as smooth as silk like sanded board, but that slight, textured feel will give your wood so much character. Moreover, you can still see the grain of the wood behind it. The beauty of the wood grain will still show, properly accentuated by this type of stain.

Whitewash is also recommended when you want to give your wine racks that “rustic elegance,” reminiscent of the old wine country and/or seaside appeal. You will find that wine racks and other wine cellar furniture dressed up in this stain will have a definitive texture to them. The Whitewash stain will also work very well with contemporary-themed wine cellars since it complements the clean, open themes of modern décor.

Clean and modern with Whitewash stain

Now here is something to keep in mind when choosing this stain option: it will lose its “definitive texture” on the wood when Lacquer is added. The wood will also tend to take on a grayish hue. If you’re mixing and matching wood and metal racking components, this will certainly complement the metal elements nicely. Nonetheless, if you go for Grand Mahogany as your wood choice, some variations will still retain the texture even with the Lacquer finish. It’s best to chat with our experienced design consultants and check out different wood swatches prior to purchasing. ^_^