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Technical Tuesday Episode #354: Appreciating The Under Stairwell Transformation

October 17th, 2017

Even though they’ve been growing in number, we still think that an under stairwell transformation is pretty underrated. It deserves more of the spotlight and we’ll give you the reasons why. This latest Tech Tuesday project will, thankfully, help us illustrate all those points:

Project # 297197
Wood: Custom/Premium Redwood
Bottle Capacity: 
Where: Seattle, WA

Gorgeous custom curved racking

Check out this very beautiful wine storage our team completed for our client. It’s a cozy creation, tucked neatly and conveniently under the stairs in the client’s home. Here we can see one of the reasons why an under stairwell wine cellar transformation comes highly recommended. Just look at how space-efficient it is! That space tucked under the stairs couldn’t be put to a better use. In a lot of homes, we see that area either gathering dust or just being used to store random things. A lot of these end up as “clutter” in the next year or so. So why not transform it into a wine storage to host your collection? You’d be surprised at just the bottle capacity that awkward little corner can hold!

Now did you also know that having this innovative concept for a wine cellar in your home can add to its marketability? Potential buyers can get persuaded by an element of surprise or two in a prospective real estate purchase. Keep in mind that there are tons of wine lovers out there. Something unique such as an under stairwell wine cellar can definitely be a game changer. Hey, we’ve watched enough HGTV shows to know this!

Eye-catching under stairwell wine cellar

Last but definitely not the least, this type of wine storage can do wonders to your home’s aesthetic appeal. In this particular project, the client chose to go with a custom Individual Bottle Columns in curved configurations to work with the irregular layout of the room. This is the beauty of custom racking because you can have it design to match any kind of space. Custom crown and base moldings also helped significantly in making the racking assembly flow seamlessly. A Quarter Round Shelf completed the set-up. You can see from the glass panels the quality of craftsmanship exuded by the racks, making it sport a built-in look. We also like that the client opted for Dark Walnut Stain to make the racks complement the flooring while standing out against the light-colored walls.

You can check out more inspiring under stairwell concepts in our photo galleries and get started on your own today! *Cheers*