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Tips In Determining The Right Wine Cellar Size For You

October 16th, 2017

Getting ready to build your first ever wine cellar? It will certainly be an exciting ride! But of course, be prepared for some bumps and potholes along the way. Not to worry, though, because we’ve got you covered with every step you take. Take note that WCI offers free initial design consultation services that can help you achieve your wine cellar goals. And one of the things we would always discuss with potential clients is the size of their future wine cellar.

Not everyone is ready for a full-blown wine room. It may be that there’s not enough space to accommodate it. It may also happen that the client is working with a tight budget. It can also happen that the client doesn’t intend to host a voluminous collection. Wine cellars can come in all shapes and sizes, though, so determining the size that’s right for you is important. Here are some of our tips for the newbies:

Consider your wine needs and buying habits

This is actually one of the biggest determining factors in choosing your wine cellar size. Make a rough inventory of how many bottles you consume in a year. Also take into account your average wine purchases. How many bottles do you consume, as well as purchase, on the average? If it’s under 600 bottles, then a smaller-sized wine cellar would certainly be able to serve your storage purposes. We recommend using a wine storage or wine rack calculator to guide you.

Small-sized wine cellar

Consider your available space/floor area

It’s fine if you already have a designated space in your home for your wine cellar project. More often than not, it would either be the basement or the dining hall and/or kitchen. But what if you don’t have space to spare in these locations? Not to worry because there are other alternatives. An unused closet, pantry, or spare bedroom in your home can be transformed into an amazing wine storage for your collection. “Wasted” spaces such as under the stairwell or an empty stretch of wall can be perfect for under stairwell cellars or closet transformations. In trickier situations, you can still opt for shared space, such as a racking assembly in the library or a wine tasting station in the dining area.

Medium-sized wine cellar

Consider the possibility of future expansion

Your future wine collection goals should also be taken into account. Even if you consume an average number of bottles per year, the size of your planned wine cellar may not be able to accommodate your future acquisitions. If you are determined to collect a more substantial amount of bottles in the near future, your wine cellar must be able to host them. For example, if you consume/purchase and average of only around 500 bottles in a year, but you plan to expand your collection to over 1,000 bottles, you’ll need a medium-sized wine cellar.

Large wine cellar