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Technical Tuesday Episode #347: The Luscious Colors Of Premium Redwood

August 29th, 2017

Hey there, Tech Tuesday fans! It’s the last Tech Tuesday showcase as we say goodbye to the month of August and very soon, to the Summer season as well. In fact, today’s episode has already embraced a bit of the Autumn vibe with these lovely, rich palettes:

Project # 275419
Wood: Gold / Vintner / Premium Redwood
Bottle Capacity: 1503
Where: Fairfield, CT

Gorgeous Premium Redwood wine racks

The colors defining the Fall season are certainly reflected in this wine cellar project and we’re all for it. The racking assembly is done in rich hues reminiscent of red wine. It’s definitely the perfect choice for a wine room! And the major reason why the stains and finishes on these racks really pop out is because of the wood option. For this particular project, we have here racking units all in Premium Redwood:

Vintage Wine Barrel tabletops

Premium Redwood is one of the most reasonably priced clear grade of wood you can get for a custom wine cellar project. The reason why it’s so popular is owing to its ability to combine quality and affordability into one attractive package. Quality-wise, it is at par with Clear All-Heart Redwood. It is well-suited to the humid, cool conditions of a wine cellar, and endures extremely well in these conditions. It also has more variety when it comes to colors since t includes wood from all part of the log. So basically, you can get this wood in several shades that range  from white to pink to red and reddish brown. This is why there are those who prefer Premium Redwood over other types of wood. The assortment of colors lends so much room for experimenting, style-wise.
Rich, Classic Mahogany stain option

Now for this project, the Premium Redwood wine racks were all dressed up in a Classic Mahogany stain option. Classic Mahogany is characterized by a rich, reddish-brown stain that will give your wood that wonderful pop of color. Note that dramatic color variations are naturally present in unstained Premium Redwood. These range from whitish-blonde to a pinkish-red shade, demonstrated in streaks throughout the wood. By staining the wood, these color streaks are enhanced and so are the different shadings. The result is a gorgeous racking arrangement displaying the luscious colors of Premium Wood to maximum advantage.

To offset the deep color scheme of this wine cellar, Vintage Wine Barrel tabletops were incorporated. The lighter hues of the tabletops go really well with the lighter-colored flooring and ceiling. They also serve to accentuate clean and bold lines of the racking assembly. It’s a wine cellar project that’s definitely easy on the eyes and we hope to see future pictures of it all filled up. *Cheers*