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Grand Mahogany: Introducing Our Newest Wood Option

August 28th, 2017

Heads up, wine cellar fans! We’ve been churning those wheels again and something new and exciting has come to join the WCI family. This time, it’s our wood options section that’s welcoming a new addition. Say hi to Grand Mahogany!

A grand wood option for grand wine cellars

True to our namesake, we’re taking another step up this year, specifically for our wood selection for custom wine cellars. Currently, we offer three amazing choices: All-Heart Redwood, Premium Redwood, and Rustic Pine. For followers of our blog, you may also recall that we used to have a fourth option: Prime Mahogany. We have taken it to the next level and replaced that with Grand Mahogany which is definitely an upgrade in more ways than one. Let’s check out what this newest member has to offer.

One of the really outstanding features of Grand Mahogany is its consistency in terms of wood color and appearance. The wood’s natural hues range from pink to reddish brown. It is paler compared to the old Prime Mahogany with a more uniform palette. So what does this translate to in terms of custom wine cellar projects? This means your wine racks and furniture utilizing this wood will take on a more consistent appearance. Such consistency will really tie up everything in a project, giving your wine cellar a beautiful, professional finish. And this will still be the case even when you go for unstained wine racks. The natural colors and grain patterns of Grand Mahogany are wonderfully consistent.

The next advantage of this wood choice is in terms of weight. Even if it is a species of hardwood, its average dried weight is 25% less than Prime Mahogany. That means it is easier to manipulate during the manufacturing, as well as during the assembly and installation process. You will be able to get your solid cabinets and other wine cellar furniture sans the burden of difficult assembly and installation.

The third impressive feature of this wood is its sustainability. Grand Mahogany possesses longevity as it is sustainably farm-raised in South America, South Africa, and Australia. You can have peace of mind that when you’re starting on your wine cellar construction, your wood supply will not run out. This is especially important, particularly for bigger projects and those seeking future expansion of their wine cellars.

The spotlight will shine more on this wood option and expect lots of projects featuring it to roll out soon. So bookmark our blog today and don’t miss out! ^_^