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Wine Cellar Inspirations: Various Glassware You Should Have

August 23rd, 2017

Whether you throw a lot of wine tasting parties or not, it’s always nice to be prepared. And by this we mean having the right kind of glassware when the occasion calls for it. We’re talking about various glassware and not just for your fine wines. The type of glassware actually enhances your guests’ drinking experience even more. Plus, it boosts your confidence as a host when your guests leave your home with great memories and stories to share about their tasting experience. Here are our recommended glassware you should stock your cellar with:

Choose the right glassware

Red Wine Glasses

Reds will always be a constant in wine tasting parties. To ensure that your guests will enjoy the best taste of your reds, make sure you serve them in proper red wine glasses. These usually sport smaller bowls with a capacity of around nine ounces. However, the trend nowadays is also leaning towards larger bowls. These can accommodate around twelve to fourteen ounces. Your red wine glass should ideally be filled to half capacity to trap the wine bouquet. For full-bodied reds, we recommend that they should be served at around 59 degrees. In contrast, lesser-bodied red wines are best served at a slightly lower temperature.


White Wine Glasses

Obviously, when you have glassware for reds, should also have some for your whites. In terms of size, white wine glasses are generally smaller compared to wine glasses. They usually come at just under twelve ounces on the average. But as with the reds, larger bowls are also becoming more popular with the whites. For your full-bodied white wines, serve them at 58 degrees and the lesser-bodied ones at 48 degrees.

Champagne flutes, not "glasses"

Champagne Glasses

Champagne is definitely a popular drink, on par with wine. It’s especially a familiar sight in high class social gatherings. If we are going to be quite technical about it, the glassware should be referred to as “flutes.”¬†Champagne is best served chilled at approximately 48 degrees and enjoyed immediately after pouring to savor its best flavors. This is why champagne flutes are designed to maximize the bubbly by reducing the surface area . Apart from the flute, there is also what is known as a champagne coupe. But it seems this is utilized more for cocktails and daquiris.

Martini Glasses

Martinis are also a well-loved drink at parties. It’s actually one of the most widely known cocktails. There are several types of martinis such as dry, dirty, and perfect martini. It is best served in a cocktail glass, “shaken, not stirred,” as James Bond would put it. A¬†classic, traditional cocktail glass is an inverted cone bowl. This can come in a variety of sizes, usually around three to six ounces.