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Technical Tuesday Episode #346: Appreciating The Beauty Of Light Colored Racks

August 22nd, 2017

Are you a fan of dark-colored furniture? Or are you a member of the “white cabinets” club? If you belong to the latter group, then we’d like to think that as far as wine racks are concerned, you’re all for the light colored ones as well. If you are, then today’s Tech Tuesday project is a must-see for you:

Project #: 293732
Wood: Platinum/DKS / Rustic Pine
Bottle Capacity: 2293
Where: Cuyahoga, OH

Light-colored wine racks in Rustic Pine

Feast your peepers on this beautiful creation that is both spacious and stylish. It focuses mostly on maximizing the available floor are for tons of bottle storage. However, the racking arrangement is also done in a tasteful manner. As you can easily see, the racks are in a much lighter shade. This is owing to the wood choice for this project: Rustic Pine. In its natural, unstained state, Rustic Pine sports a oft creamy color. This is enhanced by subtle streaks and structurally sound knots that give the wood that unique, rustic architectural appearance. The “rustic” appeal of this wood option is one of the biggest reasons for its rise in popularity. Other reasons would come from the fact that Rustic Pine also possesses impressive features such as durability, resiliency, and cost-efficiency.

Unstained Rustic Pine wine racks

For this particular project, our design team went with unstained Rustic Pine. We can see in these photos how the creamy color of the wood really blends in with the equally light hues of the walls and flooring of the room. The advantage of this lighter canvass is that when the bottles are finally stored, they will definitely be the focal point of the wine cellar.

Platinum Series wine racks

Here are a couple more good shots of the racking units. The Platinum Series was utilized for this project, along with some choice wine racks from our Designer Series kits. There’s a ton of bottle storage variety as you can obviously see from the images: Individual Bottle Columns, Open Diamond Cubes, Solid Diamond Cubes, and Rectangular Bins. Custom amenities such as crown and base moldings, cabinet drawers and raised panel doors, and more, complete the set-up:

Solid Diamond Cubes

Everything looks neat and seamless and the light colored racks really help with the illusion of a much larger space. This is why in most home design and renovation projects, it’s recommended to use lighter-hued furniture for compact areas. Rustic Pine is indeed the star of today’s Tech Tuesday. Note that it’s also our best value by price per bottle space because the supply of this wood is huge.Since it includes knots, the wood gives a bigger yield at a lower cost than a clear grade of wood. So if you’re into this style of racking, Rustic Pine is the way to go! *Cheers*

Open Diamond Cubes