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Knowing More About Humidification In Your Wine Cellar

August 21st, 2017

Winos or not, we all should be properly educated on the humidification properties of a wine cellar. Anybody who enjoys a good bottle of wine every so often needs to know how to keep that bottle in peak taste. That’s why ensuring that ideal storage conditions are maintained is a must.

Wine Cellar Humidifiers

What more do you need to know about humidification?

As far as wine cellars go, the basic knowledge is that a proper wine cellar should maintain around 55-75% relative humidity. This, is of course, combined with the right temperature range of 55-58 degrees. Such a cool and damp environment is just what your wine bottles need to age at a graceful pace.

So what will happen if these conditions, particularly the humidity levels, are not met and maintained? Allow us to elaborate. First off, don’t forget that wine needs to breathe. It actually breathes through the cork, causing it to age in the process. The changes in humidity levels in a room where your wine bottles are kept greatly affect this breathing process. For example, sudden environmental changes, such as having to little or too much humidity, will be detrimental your bottles. On one hand, too little humidity will prevent the wine from reaching its peak taste. On the other, too much humidity will lead to the forming of mold on the corks and eventually rotting of the labels.

As you can see now, the maintenance of proper humidity levels in a wine cellar is crucial to the proper aging of wines. You will need to have the right tools at your disposal to achieve this. Note that installing a good wine cooling unit is definitely not enough. Even high-grade refrigeration units will most likely just be able to reduce humidity levels but not increase them. This is especially the case if your wine cellar is located in a dry area. You will still need indoor humidifiers or in the alternative, equip your wine cooling system with humidification accessories.

Thankfully, here at WCI, we host varied selection of highly functional and decorative wine cellar humidifiers. We also have other accessories such as the Humidistat and the Mister/Fogger. Together with our wine refrigeration systems, you will be able to build the perfect wine storage for your collection. ^_^