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“Professional And Polished” Wine Room Wows Clients’ Guests

August 10th, 2017

Testimonial Thursdays are always a happy occasion and we probably don’t even need to explain why. When clients send in their heartwarming reviews about our products and services, we are thrilled beyond compare. After all, that is our ultimate purpose – to bring about 100% customer satisfaction. So when our client sent in this detailed review about her WCI experience, we knew we had share it ASAP:

WineMaker Series wine racks

Our client sent in for some of our WineMaker Series racking units. Owing to the rather compact dimensions of the space, they did well with their racking choice. Our WineMaker catalog is comprised of shallow-depth racks that are perfect for maximizing bottle storage capacity. As we can see from the snapshot of the completed assembly, the body of the wine bottles are fully supported within the wine racks, while the necks slightly stick out. Hence, the bottles are kept secure and comfy while allowing for more storage. Moreover, the shorter depth means these racks use less wood, making them more affordable. That’s why for entry-level wine cellar projects, we highly recommend our WineMaker Series.

“I’m very happy with my purchase.  Here is a picture of the wine room we built.  It is approximately 5’6” square.  , It turned out our measurements ended up being a little “off” when we were determining the number and size of racks to order. To make up for the extra space, my contractor built columns – they are a beautiful match and appear as if they were intended to be there!  He also built a base for the racks which is a really nice touch.  The racks have been attached to the wall since the area where we live is prone to earthquakes.  Our contractor utilized a nail gun to complete the job. I also purchased a wine refrigeration unit from CellarPro to maintain the temperature and humidity levels in the cellar.  The wine room is part of an addition that we put on the house, and extra insulation was installed to help keep the room cool.  People who come over to our home always want to see our wine room first! Everyone is SO impressed and numerous people have commented as to how professional and polished it looks.

The racks arrived in 13 boxes.  Ideally, I would have loved for them to arrive in fewer boxes. Still, I have no complaints as all of the boxes arrived on schedule, undamaged, and with all of the required pieces.  I also had free gifts but they were initially not included so I called your Custom Service number.  They were able to verify that the gifts hadn’t been shipped and were subsequently shipped immediately.”