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Wine Cellar Inspirations: Tips For Caring For Your Wine Cellar

August 9th, 2017

Your wine cellar deserves just as much care as your wine bottles. It’s makes perfect sense, after all! If you don’t properly care for your wine cellar, your collection will suffer the consequences. Perhaps the worst thing that can happen to a wine collector is when his bottles won’t be able to age gracefully due to poor storage conditions. So in order to avoid that, we’ve thrown together some super helpful tips in caring for your wine cellar:

Care for your wine cellar

Keep your wine racks, wine cooling unit, and humidifier clean

Cleanliness in your wine cellar is essential to maintaining ideal storage conditions therein. Specifically, you’ll need to look after your wine racks, wine cooling unit, and humidifier. The last thing you’d want is for moisture to seep into your wine cellar.¬†Moisture will be your greatest enemy, particularly for a wine room that has mostly wood elements. Making sure that your racks, wine cooling unit, and humidifier are kept clean, mold-free, and checked for maintenance purposes is imperative.

Repair or replace old or barely functional elements in your wine cellar

Everything will be affected by the wear and tear of everyday use. Over time, things such as appliances and furniture reach the end of their shelf life. The same is true with some elements in your wine cellar. Granted, if you choose quality wood for your wine racks like Redwood, they will last you for decades (or even more!). But other items might not be as durable. Or, it can also happen that because of force nature or accident, significant elements in your wine cellar might break down. A good example would be your wine cellar cooling system. When this happens, you cannot just sit around and bid your sweet time. You have to have it either repaired or replaced. If it gets too costly to repair, you’re better off just replacing these items with brand-new, better quality ones.

Be careful in choosing plants for your wine cellar

Having greenery in a wine cellar is not uncommon. In fact, plants will really liven the atmosphere of your wine room. But just make sure you choose the right kind of plants. Some plants, especially those big potted varieties, contain lots of moisture in the soil that can be the breeding ground for termites and other pests. Be very careful of plants with lots of cellulose content in their stalks, branches, or barks. We recommend asking your local greenhouse expert about this. Succulents are good indoor plants and easy to care for. But just make sure to expose them to enough sunlight every day.