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Technical Tuesday Episode #344: A “Storybook” Wine Cellar With Platinum x Vintner

August 8th, 2017

Who has seen Beauty and the Beast live action movie and not loved it? It was such a beautiful interpretation of the animated film. But how does it relate to today’s Tech Tuesday episode? If you’ve seen the Beast’s castle in the movie, you’d probably have a clue or two. There’s a scene where they recreated that fantastically huge library from the animated film. When Belle saw it, she was over the moon. It was a dream library that one could only read about in storybooks. And guess what? Our wine cellar feature today looks like it walked right out of a fairy tale as well:

Project # 267071
Wood: Platinum / Vintner / Prime Mahogany
Bottle Capacity: 2552
Where: Fulton, GA

A "storybook" wine cellar

Check out this absolutely gorgeous creation that looks like it belongs to Beast’s castle as well. The design and details are so clean with the right amount of trimmings. Let’s try to chat more about these, starting with the wine racks. The Platinum and Vintner Series were used for this project, combining custom racking with our “kits.” The result is nothing less than satisfying, as you can very well see. The racking assembly is seamless with a very generous amount of bottle storage. The wood option is none other than Prime Mahogany, a high end hardwood that exudes luxury. Dressed up in Dark Walnut stain, you can see how the racks really pop out against the lighter-colored walls and flooring:

Platinum x Vintner wine racks

Now let’s focus on the “smaller” details that really make this racking assembly come together. With the custom crown, base, and center seam moldings, the entire set-up certainly looks professionally done, don’t you agree? We’ve said it lots of times before, but we’ll say it again: custom moldings can really make a huge difference in your wine cellar projects. These moldings help blend in any gaps between the wine racks and the ceiling & flooring. They also create that smooth transition from one racking unit to the other. In sum, they give those beautiful finishing details that your project needs. If you take a closer look at our storybook cellar here, you’d probably agree with us that it actually looks built-in:

Dark Walnut stain on the racks

The white-washed stone elements in this wine room also account for its storybook charm. And definitely, attention has to be paid as well to that adorable entryway. We’ve talked about how wine cellar doors can enhance the aesthetic appeal of a wine cellar project. This is certainly proof of that. We recommend checking out WCI’s full catalog of custom wine cellar doors and get to know the many options available to you.

Gorgeous wine cellar door