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The 411 On Our Le Cache Refrigerated Wine Cabinets

August 7th, 2017

It’s the first Monday blog for the month of August! O-M-G! We’ve legit completed more than half of 2018 already. The summer season is still in full swing, but it’s pretty amazing how fast the seasons come and go. Luckily, we’ve also had so many fantastic projects and products to showcase on the blog – and still more to come. Today, we’re going to introduce (or rather, re-introduce) you guys to another member of our Wine Cabinets line: the Le Cache Wine Cabinets.

Le Cache Refrigerated Wine Cabinets

Refrigerated wine cabinets with so much variety…

Our Le Cache Wine Cabinets collection pretty versatile. There are actually several categories to choose from, depending on your wine storage needs. All of the wine cabinets are hand-crafted from premium materials. This means quality-wise, they are second to none. These refrigerated units are designed to maintain optimal conditions for the proper storage and aging of fine wine.

First up we have the Contemporary Wine Cabinets. These units sport clean, contemporary designs that work very well with modern, Craftsman, Deco or Asian decors. The wine cabinets feature beautiful hardwood doors and gently arched windows to showcase your finest bottles. In addition, sealed seams, premium insulation and tinted double-paned glass provide thermal and UV protection.

Next are the European Wine Cabinets. True to their name, these units exude a European-chic appeal. The wine cabinets were designed by acclaimed, Pinnacle Award-winning designer Martin de Blois. The elegant lines and superb craftsmanship of this series evoke the timelessness of European furnishings.

Now let’s talk about the Mission Series. These cabinets were designed by Berkeley Mills. Berkeley Mills is an acclaimed Bay-area designer of high-quality artisan furniture. This is why our Mission Series wine cabinets combine straight lines and beautiful wood grains to exude the classic beauty of fine arts and crafts furniture. Note that all of the wine cabinets in this series feature windows with engineered wood mullions, hardwood crown molding and hand-carved detailing.

For those who fancy a simple but modern style to their wine storage, our Loft Wine Cabinets would be the perfect choice. The bold but clean lines of the units are tailor-made for sophisticated wine collectors seeking simplicity and style. This series is certainly best suited for modern dwellings.

Lastly, we have the Wine Vault Wine Cabinets. The Wine Vault 3100 wine cabinet from Le Cache is specifically designed to cater to discriminating wine collectors. For those who desire stylish and high-quality wine storage in a tough storage environment, the Wine Vault can answer to all these.