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Wine Cellar Inspirations: Must-Have Wine Racks For Wine Stores

August 2nd, 2017

Sure, your commercial wine establishment will definitely need the right racking equipment for your merchandise. But apart from what your store needs, there will also be racks that your store “must-have.” What do we mean by this? Simple! These are racks that will generate more traffic to your store and of course, boost sales. In addition, they will add a touch of fancy to your entire racking set-up as well. Here are some of our “must-have” racking styles you should check out:

The Circular Wine Merchandiser

We absolutely love the way this wine rack is designed. The circular configuration allows for high wine storage capacity in a compact format. It is super space-efficient while letting you store and display a good number of labels. Putting this commercial wine rack in high traffic areas in your establishment allows 360 degrees of visibility. The display row pops out the wine bottle label for easy access. And what’s more, you can even build it around a variety of poles or support columns in your wine store. Most of these units come with a solid tabletop option that lets you showcase your most popular labels.

Circular Wine Merchandisers

The Stackable Diamond Bins with Display Trays

Open Diamond Bins are pretty common wine racks in commercial applications. This is one of those racking styles that allow for bulk bottle storage to be done in a stylish manner. These days, these diamond bins come in so many unique designs. But what we really recommend are the stackable ones with Display Trays. That’s right! ┬áThe display trays are a functional bonus because you can showcase a new or popular label more prominently. This type of racking makes your merchandise more visible to customers which is definitely good for sales. Also, the fact that these racks are stackable makes it convenient to add more units to accommodate more merchandise.

Wine Lockers

The Wine Lockers

We’ve talked about wine lockers lots of times on the blog. But their being a “must-have” in a wine establishment deserves emphasis. As far as secured wine storage goes, you won’t get a better choice than wine lockers. These awesome units provide safe-haven for your merchandise from breaking, stealing, and other unforeseeable injuries. These days, these lockers come in several sleek styles as well. We like the ones with metal mesh panels, but we’re also all for the glass paneled lockers. You can customize your wood and racking options for these lockers, as well as the locks and other hardware. Now your most expensive merchandise can be kept safe 24/7!