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Technical Tuesday Episode #343: A Super Combo Compact Wine Cellar

August 1st, 2017

What’s better than doing a wine racking combo? Using more than just two racking series, that’s what! Check out today’s Tech Tuesday showcase and how this project utilized three of our popular racking collections: Vintner, Designer, and the Gold Series:

Project # 293136
Wood: Gold / Vintner / DKS / Premium Redwood
Bottle Capacity: 617
Where: Hamilton, OH

Super combo wine racking assembly

The pics easily show us that this is a compact room that was cleverly equipped with wine racks to maximize on the available space. It certainly looks so much bigger than it’s actual size! The racking arrangement itself is so clean and orderly. You definitely cannot tell that the units come from three different series. This is one of the strengths of the racking products here at WCI. We manufacture them to be as flexible as possible so that you can mix and match them to create really unique assemblies. It also helps customers work within their desired budget. That’s because some series such as the Vintner and Designer which fall under our “kits” category are more affordable.

Now below is a terrific close-up shot of the completed assembly. See how seamless the racks look? No one would be able to tell that they actually don’t all come from the same collection. It also greatly helps that everything was done in Premium Redwood as the wood option. Moreover, the client went with the unstained version of the wood. We really like that they chose to do their racks unstained since the natural colors of Premium Redwood were wonderfully showcased. Premium Redwood possesses beautiful pinkish to reddish-brown hues that work so well with just about any background and/or material. Here you can see the walls were painted with deeper maroon-like shades while the floors match both the color and material of the racks:

Vintner, Designer, and Gold Series

While we’re on the subject of the wood option, it also bears emphasizing that choosing Redwood products for your wine cellar projects is the most eco-friendly choice you can make. Why so? That’s because all our Redwood here at WCI are SFI-certified. SFI stands for “Sustainable Forest Initiative.” It’s a project wherein SFI Certification is given to specific wood products, like Redwood. This certification provides consumers with assurance that the Redwood products they purchase from WCI have been harvested in an environmentally sound manner.

A super combo wine cellar that’s environmentally friendly as well – it can’t get any better than that! Chat with our design consultants today to get started on your own winning wine cellar project. *Cheers*