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Gear Up Your Wine Cellar With Some Fancy Vintner Racking!

July 31st, 2017

How would you like to spice up that wine cellar a bit with some fancy racking units? Don’t worry too much about the cost because you can definitely keep things within budget. With the Vintner Series wine rack “kits,” you get so much variety in racking styles at an affordable price point. So go ahead and gear up that wine cellar with some fancy Vintner racking!

Fancy Vintner wine racks

Vintner Individual Concave

First up is one of the most recent additions to the series: the Vintner Individual Concave. These racks are super unique with their edgy, curved design and impressive bottle capacity. The smallest unit – the 3-feet 1 Column Individual Bottle – can actually hold up to 11 bottles. On the other hand, the 3-feet 10-Column Concave Individual can has a 110-bottle capacity. The racks come in 3, 4, 6, 7, 8, and 9-feet configurations to meet all your storage needs. When you mix and match them up, you get the best of both worlds: a stylish racking arrangement and tons of bottle storage space.

Vintner Elite Rotating Wine Cradle

Who says rotating wine racks are only for commercial applications? The Rotating Wine Cradle from our Vintner Elite line can work with both commercial and residential wine cellar projects. The eye-catching design is certainly ideal for showcasing your best vintages and for easy access of your favorite labels. The best thing about the cradle is that it can be easily combined with your other racking elements. Incorporate it into your racking assembly, wine tasting station, or wine bar to give your wine cellar a little something extra. The cradle comes in 3, 4, 6, 7 and 8-feet height options.

Vintner Locker Locking Cabinet

Keep your best labels safe from injury or accidental breaking in this sleek and functional locking cabinet. Wine storage “lockers” are setting quite a trend in the wine cellar scene nowadays and Vintner won’t be left out. The Locker Locking Cabinet is also one of the newer additions to the series, with customizable features to boot. Apart from the wood and stain options, you also have various height configurations to choose from, as well as a Lacquer option.

Vintner Pull Out Wine Bottle Cradle

Tired of the usual wine shelves? Then we recommend you check out this Vintner Pull Out Wine Bottle Cradle. The design is simple yet elegant and super space-efficient. But it will certainly store and showcase your bottles in a special way. The flexible configurations will also allow you to stack on top of each other to maximize the height of your wine storage.

Happy Clients Laud Both WCI Products And Services

July 27th, 2017

It’s not every day that you get a testimonial from a client saying they were able to put your products together with just instructions from your website. But guess what? This actually happened! We recently received this amazing feedback from Karyn and Steve who purchased a few of our racks online.

Before and after shots

The clients were undertaking a pretty sizeable wine cellar project as you can see from the snaps they sent us. After browsing through all sorts of wine cellar ideas online, they made their decision. They sent for our WineMaker racking units, specifically the 1- and 10-Column Individual Bottles and Diamond Bins. They also purchased the Designer Series Archway and the base platforms and moldings from the WineMaker Series. Per the clients’ testimonial, they did everything online and basically just relied on the finished measurements of the racks on the WCI website. When the racks arrived, the assembled and installed them with the help of the learning videos. They completed their wine cellar in record time and with no major issues. The trust that they put in our racking products as well as the services we provide was absolutely awesome!

So below we can see some more shots of the finished project. The racks were chosen with Rustic Pine as the wood choice as well as with a Classic Mahogany stain. In addition, the racks were also dressed up in our new Lacquer option, making them look more sleek and elegant. And speaking of the stains and finishes on the racks, the clients narrate that  they actually forgot to choose one. Thanks to the experienced consultants at WCI though, that slight oversight was immediately rectified. This resulted in happy and very satisfied clients who really lauded WCI for our “great customer service.” We are certainly inspired with this feedback!

WineMaker Series wine racks

“Our finished wine cellar looks great! We’ll definitely purchase from Wine Cellar Innovations next time. We looked up the finished measurements of the racks on the website and took it from there. The website made it easy for us to design our cellar. There were also helpful videos showing how to build the racks. The air compressor was perfect to use with this project. As for the customer service, they were responsive and helped me when I forgot to choose a finish on one of my items. They identified my mistake before filling the order. We think that is really great customer service. Thank you!”

~Karyn & Steve Fast~

Wine Cellar Inspirations: Smart Spots In Your Home For Wine Storage

July 26th, 2017

There are actually lots of smart spots in your home that can be perfect for storing your wine collection. If you’re not ready for a full-blown wine cellar construction, there’s no need to stress about it. Some spaces in your home can be transformed into pretty awesome wine storage with the right racking units. We’ve put together a couple of clever concepts we recommend you guys should try out:

Appending wine racks to your kitchen cabinets

Take a good long long at your kitchen layout and identify empty or awkward spaces that your kitchen cabinets don’t really cover. These spaces can be transformed into bottle storage by installing the right-sized wine racks in them. Here’s a really great example that a client sent us:

Wine racks appended to kitchen cabinets

See how the Magnum Individual Column was able to fill out that nook quite nicely? In the alternative, if there are no such empty spots in your kitchen, you can convert some of your cabinets into storage for your collection. Small wine racks can get the job done for sure!

Put up a tasting station in an empty corner in your home

Do a once over of your home and you’ll be surprised to find out more than just one or two empty corners or stretches of wall space. No sense in putting them to waste! You can easily put up a wine tasting station in there. We recommend a combination of racking and glassware storage for more functionality. These days, we’re quite lucky because there are so many racking styles and sizes. And of course, you can always have your tasting station custom-built to really be a perfect fit for your space. It certainly won’t cost you as much as a formal wine cellar, but it will be worth every dollar you spend. Check these DIY projects from our clients for inspiration:

Wine tasting station Wine racks on an empty corner

Convert unused pantries, wardrobes, broom closet,s and the like

It’s like a standard in every home that there will be these “storage” spaces that aren’t really put to good use at all. Pantries are a good example. The stuff you store there could properly be put away somewhere else. Coat, broom, and shoe closets are another. Some rooms in your home will have these closets that hold mostly old stuff and other junk that need to be either donated or thrown out. So donate or throw those out – and transform that space into a decent wine storage. It doesn’t take much, especially with custom racking. The units will easily fit and with a fresh coat of paint and new lighting accessories, you got it made. Check this beautifully transformed butler’s pantry out:

Pantry wine cellar

Technical Tuesday Episode #343: Custom Wine Tasting Station In Gold x Vintner

July 25th, 2017

What’s an alternative to a formal wine cellar when either the space, the budget, or both, won’t allow it? We say: a wine tasting station! We also managed to gather some snaps of a most recent one that we did for a client in Hamilton, OH. Let’s take a closer look at the deets of this clever little number:

Project # 293855
Wood: Gold / Vintner / Premium Redwood
Bottle Capacity: 536
Where: Hamilton, OH

Gold x Vintner wine racks

So first things first! Let’s talk about the racking elements utilized for this project. It’s actually a Gold x Vintner combo, which would mean that there are both custom and “kits” racking in this assembly. As far as our custom racking collection is concerned, the Gold Series is the one that offers a variety of racking styles, specifically focusing on the economical use of 1×2 open constructionYou get full-depth custom racking at much more reasonable rates compared to the Platinum Series. Why so? The Platinum Series uses a higher end of wood and there are fancier custom amenities attached to it. That’s why for smaller projects or those being carried out on a more regulated budget, we definitely recommend the Gold Series.

Dark Walnut stain option

Now here we can see how everything was tailored to fit the client’s desired space. We love the way the entire assembly was put together to sport a built-in look. But since the racks were stained in beautiful Dark Walnut, they really pop out against the lighter background. We’re also very appreciative of the fact that there’s so much bottle storage even though this is not a formal wine cellar, but a wine tasting station. The extended countertops offer lots of space for prepping as well as displaying other accessories. And notice that there’s that space below archway that will be perfect for a wine refrigerator. That also means more additional bottle storage for the client:

Beautiful built-in look

As we mentioned earlier, this is a Gold x Vintner combo. The incorporation of Vintner racking units from the “kits” makes this project far easier on the budget. Nonetheless, thanks to the flexibility of the Vintner racks, the custom look and feel is not being compromised at all. That goes the same for the quality of the wine racks as well! Plus, we’ve recently extended our Vintner line to accommodate commercial wine cellar projects as well. They’re definitely the best alternative you can have to getting a custom look for your wine cellar sans the custom price. *Cheers*

Corian Countertops: This Could Be What Your Wine Cellar Needs!

July 24th, 2017

Looking for unique and good quality material for your wine cellar countertops? There are lots of choices out there, but of course, not all of them fit the “unique and good quality” bill. So here at WCI, we make sure that the options we provide you are all worthy of every dollar you spend. And as far as countertops are concerned, there’s one that we highly recommend for any custom wine cellar project: Corian Countertops.

Corian Countertops

Why Corian Countertops?

Why indeed? We can give you a run-down of all the reasons why. First off, Corian is a solid surface that was invented and patented by Dupont around 30 years ago. This material exhibits solid color and texture all throughout and is non-porous. That means it is stain-resistant and makes for easy clean-up. Now try to imagine having this material in your wine cellar. Your prepping station will definitely be prone to accidental spilling and eventual staining. But with a Corian surface, you can easily eliminate the worry of wine stains.

Second, a Corian countertop is also quite painless to manage in terms of scratching. Like spilling, scratching on a countertop or tabletop cannot always be avoided. It’s especially the case if you will often use this space to prep for your wine tasting parties. With some surfaces, scratching can be very frustrating as the scratches often leave permanent blemishes on the countertop or tabletop. But with a Corian surface, you don’t need to stress out as much. That’s because you can get rid of these scratches just by gently sanding the material. This makes it a very cost-effective product as well.

Third and definitely not the least, a Corian surface is no slouch when it comes to design. At present, there are 97 different colors of Corian to choose from, at an additional but reasonable cost. This affords a great opportunity to really work the material into the desired theme of your wine cellar project. It’s also easy to match it up with the wine racks and other accessories. Just keep in mind that there is an average lead-time for Corian countertop/tabletop orders of 3-4 weeks. If you want this material for your project, we suggest speaking with our experienced consultants beforehand to verify those lead times. ^_^


Client Achieves “Rustic Elegance” With Right Stain Option

July 20th, 2017

An elegant wine cellar is one thing, but a “rustic” elegance to your wine cellar is definitely another. This so-called “rustic” appeal has been gaining more popularity in the recent years as we’ve observed. We’ve had more clients requesting for this kind of style to their wine cellar projects and we can see why. With one of these recently completed projects for a client in Bergen, NJ, “rustic elegance” has become a new statement to custom wine cellars:

Designer Series wine racks

Our team worked to bring to life this generously-sized wine cellar which can store up to nearly 1500 bottles. The wood option for this project was Premium Redwood. In its natural, unstained state, Premium Redwood sports a whitish-pink to reddish brown cast. It’s also a pretty clear grade of wood with beautiful grain patterns. So in order to bring about that old-country feel, our team chose coat the racks in Classic Mahogany Stain with one coat of Lacquer to boot. As can be seen in the picture of the completed project, the racks and accessory wood panels showcase more pronounced grain patterns. They also sport a nice, glossy finish, thanks to the lacquer.

Once again, we’ve managed to demonstrate how the right stain and finish options can really change up the look in a wine cellar. In this case, the rich, reddish-brown hues of our Classic Mahogany Stain has given the wood a dramatic finish. It also shows off its natural wood grain and inherent personality. Since the grain patterns have become more enhanced, it gave the racks that “rustic charm,” reminiscent of woodwork in country cottages and the like. Plus, with that coat of lacquer, the elegance factor was still wonderfully maintained.

The Designer Series wine racks kit was utilizing for the racking assembly. It’s  one of our more cost-efficient racking packages, perfect for both entry-level and bigger wine cellar projects. This kit offers full depth racking units at 6-feet height configurations. Moreover, it also gives you the full selection of wood, stain and finish options. This includes the Lacquer option since we recently added that as an upgrade. You can check out the full product page for our Designer Series in this section of the website. We’re having new reduced pricing on our unstained Prime Mahogany racks for this series, so go check it out! ^_^

Wine Cellar Inspirations: A Comparison Between All-Heart And Premium Redwood

July 19th, 2017

We talk about All-Heart Redwood and Premium Redwood all the time in our blogs. These are two of the most popular and most sought-after wood option with custom wine cellar projects. We’ve also showcased just how impressive the characteristics are of these wood species. But the question some customers still pose is this: what’s the difference between All-Heart Redwood and Premium Redwood?  Is there any real difference between the two? We’ll find out in today’s blog!

Getting in-depth knowledge on All-Heart Redwood…

Al-Heart Redwood wine cellar

So let’s start with All-Heart Redwood. We have numerous Tech Tuesdays and DIY projects in our Testimonial Thursdays utilizing this wood option. It’s often described as the “best choice” for custom wine cellars. This description is not without good reasons. First, let’s cover the aesthetics of the wood.  It usually sports beautiful reddish brown tones. When the wood is freshly milled, colors range from pink to red to dark brown with reddish overlay. One amazing characteristic of All-Heart Redwood is as it ages, it takes on increasing darker depth of color as it oxidizes. That’s why we often describe wine racks crafted from this wood as akin to wine – they age gracefully.

Now let’s talk about the grain patterns. All-Heart Redwood has a great variety of grain patterns. It’s a clear grade of wood and the grain patterns are more emphasized in dark stained samples than in the natural unfinished ones.This is owing to the wood containing little or no pitch resins, enabling it to absorb and retain all types of finishes extremely well.The wood also takes very well to lacquer, giving it a glossy and very elegant appearance.

In general, this wood exhibits very good resistance to shrinking, warping, and checking in addition to durability. It also presents really good value by price per bottle space since it’s outstanding attributes place it at the top of of the wood choice spectrum.

Premium Redwood wine cellar

Comparison with Premium Redwood…

Let’s now talk about Premium Redwood. So what exactly are the differences between Premium and All-Heart Redwood? It’s actually more on the appearance and a lot less on the qualities. Premium Redwood comes in a variety of colors from white to pink to red and reddish brown. In it’s natural state, it is a few shades lighter than All-Heart Redwood. As far as grain patterns and the ability to absorb stains and finishes, it is definitely on par with All-Heart Redwood.

With Premium Redwood, performance is more than durability. The wood’s performance characteristics include resistance to shrinking, warping, and checking in addition to durability. Moreover, it is relatively more affordably priced that All-Heart Redwood, making it the more recommended option for smaller projects with less flexible budgets.

Technical Tuesday Episode #342: Platinum Series Brings Classic Closet Transformation

July 18th, 2017

Some very warm Tech Tuesday greetings to all of you wine cellar fans out there! The heat is definitely on and the wine tasting season is in full swing. Here at WCI, our wine cellar construction season is also getting into top gear. We’ve had tons of great projects pouring in and keeping us on our toes – in a good way, of course. Today, we have another closet transformation lined up for you guys to check out:

Project # 290194
Wood: Platinum / All-heart Redwood
Bottle Capacity: 600
Where: Dekalb, GA

Wine cellar closet

As far as closet transformations go, this one is certainly a classic. It’s a Platinum Series x All-Heart Redwood combo and that would be more than enough to explain the sleek, elegant appearance of the racks. If you guys noticed, our team was once again working with irregular spaces on this project. We had to make sure that the client will get maximum bottle capacity for the space designated for their collection. Naturally, the Platinum Series rose to the challenge like a champ:

Custom Platinum wine racks

Our design team pulled some Individual Bottle Columns for Wine, Small/Medium Champagne and/or Split Individual Bottles, 15 Degree Display for Wine, Champagne and/or Split Bottles, and Rectangular Bin Bottles for the racking assembly. Since this is the Platinum Series, everything was configured to result in a custom fit for the wine cellar closet. These snaps of the completed project show just how seamless the arrangement is, despite some sharp and angled corners in the room:

All-Heart Redwood in Dark Walnut Stain

A Cellar Pro 3200 VSx was installed as the wine cellar cooling system for this project. There wasn’t a shot of it, but you can check out how the unit looks in this section of our website. Note that our CellarPro Series offers a complete line of wine cellar cooling systems for wine cellars up to 2000 cubic feet. These units are quite ideal for entry level and/or compact wine cellar projects. Also, it’s good to keep in mind that all CellarPro refrigeration units here at WCI are UL certified.

Last but not the least, of course, is the wood option for the wine racks. All-Heart Redwood is without a doubt one of the best, if not the best, wood choice you can have for custom wine cellar projects. In this case, the client had the wood dressed up in Dark Walnut Stain for an elegant finish. We love how the dark-colored racks turned out because they just looked really clean and classy. This little closet transformation can actually host up to 600 bottles which doesn’t make it seem so little at all. *Cheers*

Awesome Additional Options For The Modern Wine Cellar Series

July 17th, 2017

Fancy a contemporary look to your wine cellar project? Then the Modern Wine Cellar Series is the racking option you should be checking out. We launched this newest addition to our custom racking line just recently and it’s definitely gaining popularity fast. Of course, it certainly helps that more and more people these days are going for the “modern” vibe to their wine cellars. So we’ll be shining the spotlight on the Modern Wine Cellar Series today and checking out some awesome wine room ideas to this line.

A unique and classy look to your wine cellar

With the Modern Wine Cellar Series, you’ll actually be getting the best of both worlds: the uniqueness of a totally fresh racking style while preserving the classic charm of a traditional wine cellar. These racks were thoughtfully designed to appeal to even the most discerning wine collector. The combination of wood and metal elements is the key factor in achieving that ethereal “floating” appearance of the racks. The metal supports provide security for the wood installed within platforms that range from the ceiling to the floor. Once the bottles are stored, you can fully appreciate the floating effect like in the image below:

The Modern Wine Cellar Series

We’ve actually gone one step further with the design of these units. We now offer Acrylic Bottle Supports apart from the metal option. Since acrylic is an almost transparent material, your wine cellar will really exude that ethereal look, with your bottles “floating” on air. And for a truly contemporary and sophisticated appeal, we recommend incorporating glass elements into your wine cellar project. A glass-enclosed cellar with these Acrylic Bottle Supports will be a stunner. Your wine cellar will definitely be the most talked about area of your home!

But this is not all. Keep in mind that the Modern Wine Cellar Series racking units are offered in multiple woods and stain and finish options. That means you can customize these racks to suit your style preference, as well as make it complement your home’s existing decor. Currently, we offer standard Pine, Premium Redwood, All-Heart Redwood, or Prime Mahogany for our wood options. We also provide other commercially available woods such Black Walnut, Clear Alder, Oak, and more. All you need to do is inquire from our experienced design consultants and we’ll be more than happy to iron out your choices. ^_^


Get More Out Of Your Space With Our Vintner Kits

July 13th, 2017

That space you reserved for your wine cellar project can actually hold more wine bottles than you think. That is, if you know what kind of racks to use. Some racks can fit nicely into your wine room, but there are some that can do much more. Case in point: our Vintner Series wine rack kits!

Since the start of this year, we’ve had an influx of both residential and commercial projects utilizing the Vintner Series. It’s not such a big surprise though, considering that the kits have been upgraded to cater to commercial wine cellar applications as well. In all of these projects, one of the most noticeable characteristics of the Vintner units is their ability to maximize on bottle storage capacity. This recent closet transformation from a client in Suffolk, NY is a terrific example:

The Vintner Series

The image alone clearly shows the narrow floor area for this wine cellar project. One would think that custom racking would be the best way to outfit the space to make the most out of it. But with the Vintner kits, our team actually put together this assembly that can hold a little over 800 bottles. Pretty impressive, don’t you think?

So here you can see the variety of racking styles that were utilized: Individual Bottle Columns, Individual Bottle Columns with Displays, Rectangular Bins, and Quarter Round Shelf Cabinets to neatly cap off the ends of the assembly. Thanks to Vintner’s flexible configurations, the racks were installed in a seamless manner. But of course, props has to be given to the crown and base moldings that helped blend in any gaps and really completed the look of this wine cellar. Also, the entire assembly was dressed up in Dark Walnut stain to achieve that clean and classy appearance.

Again, it’s worth mentioning that with the Vintner Series, you can get custom amenities such as beveled rails and eased edges, sans the custom cost. You can also choose from a wide range of wood, stain and finish options, as well as accents such as the molding packages and LED lighting kit. That’s right – even your lighting accessories can be completely DIY and painless with Vintner! Just late last year and early this year, we’ve introduced a few more new additions to Vintner’s racking catalogue: the Vintner Individual Concave, the Vintner Elite Cabinetry, and the Vintner Stacks, to name a few. We recommend checking the entire line-up to see how this series can really give you more for your space. ^_^

Wine Cellar Inspirations: More Affordable Wine Cellar Options

July 12th, 2017

Staying within or better yet, under budget, in your wine cellar project is certainly ideal. Unfortunately, that’s also not always the case. Whether it’s with a new construction or a renovation project, there are still those who cannot stay within their pre-determined budget. So this is where we want to step in and help you guys out! There are actually lots of choices that are more affordable without compromising on the quality of your wine cellar. Here are some of them:

Affordable racking options

Consider shallow-depth wine racks

We’ve featured this type of racking several times on the blog, specifically with our WineMaker and Traditional Series wine rack kits. Shallow-depth racking units are perfect for entry-level and/or compact wine cellar projects. The racks basically sport shallow-depth configurations which make the necks of your bottles stick out. Nonetheless, this doesn’t deter from the safety of your bottle storage. It doesn’t affect the quality of the wine racks either. Since the racks have shallow-depths, it means manufacturing cost is relatively cheaper compared to standard depth racks.

Go for shallow-depth wine racks!

Consider racking “kits” instead of custom ones

If the budget can’t hack it, then don’t force it. Sure, anyone would want to have a custom designed wine cellar – who wouldn’t? But the reality is that not all of us can afford it. However, thanks to the plethora of racking styles that are now available in the market, it’s totally possible to create custom racking arrangements while utilizing wine rack “kits.” These units have been pre-designed with set configurations and styles. But since there is so much variety, you can easily mix and match them to turn out really unique assemblies. You can even choose to combine them with a few custom pieces here and there. It’s a lot easier on the budget and you can get that custom look you’ve been dying to have!

Metal, aluminum, and acrylic racks

Consider other materials like metal, aluminum, or even acrylic

Arguably, wood is an expensive material. It’s especially so if you’re talking about top-notch quality wood. Admittedly, there are also more affordable options such as Rustic Pine wood. However, you can keep things even more on the affordable side if you consider other materials for your wine racks. Metal racking is quite popular these days and can give your wine cellar than sleek, modern appeal. But making their appearance in the wine cellar game are aluminum and acrylic wine racks as well. You can combine these with wood elements in your wine cellar and really keep the cost at bay.


Technical Tuesday Episode #341: Dominating The Scene With Gold x Vintner

July 11th, 2017

Want your wine cellar to be the next home icon? Then take a leaf out of our Tech Tuesday feature today! This bold and beautiful project is really a head-turner in more ways than one. See how a wine cellar can dominate the scene with the help of our Gold Series custom wine racks and Vintner Series wine rack kits:

Project # 292986
Wood: Gold / Vintner / Premium Redwood
Bottle Capacity: 998
Where: Johnson, KS

Gold x Vintner Series wine racks

Not everyone is into darker-hued racking, but we’ll be the first to tell you that they actually work. In fact, we’ve been seeing more of them with our recent Tech Tuesdays. The darker-colored racks may seem too much at first, but when you know how to work them into a seamless and organized arrangement, the result is simply stunning. This is certainly the case with this project that our team completed for our customer in Johnson, KS. It’s a custom and kit combo, courtesy of the Gold and Vintner Series. The Individual Bottle Columns, Open Diamond Bins with Face Trim, and Quarter Round Shelf Cabinet are all from the Vintner kits. The Full Pull-Out Shelves, Adjustable Shelf Cabinets, Glass Racks, and raised paneling on the cabinet doors are all custom products from the Gold Series.

Now the things that are really pulling everything together in this assembly are actually the smaller details. One is the crown and base moldings. These help blend in whatever awkward gaps there may be between the racks, the ceiling, and flooring. Another one would be the stain and finish option. For this project, Midnight Black Stain was chosen, giving the entire assembly a contemporary feel. But that’s not all! The racks were also dressed up in glossy Lacquer finish. We are all for lacquering the racks since they give them a smooth, gleaming appearance. Thanks to the stain and finish option, this entire assembly looks so cohesive and luxurious:

Midnight Black Stain with glossy Lacquer

Here’s a great shot of the completed assembly and how it looks like against the lighter-colored walls and floors. Notice how the wine racks really stand out because of the bolder shades. Once the bottles are stored, it will be even more eye-catching. To have a better visual on this, we highly recommend checking out our photo galleries for more Midnight Black Stain projects. For quirky measure, a wine barrel accent was also added to the archway and tabletop. Does this accent work for you as well? Share your thoughts on this project with us! *Cheers*

Some Helpful Tips In Picking Out Your Wine Cellar Door

July 10th, 2017

Wine cellar doors are taking on a new role nowadays, instead of just being another piece of the wine cellar project puzzle. They can actually be the focal point of your project and contribute greatly to your wine cellar’s aesthetic appeal. So in choosing your entryways, don’t just settle on “what’s available,” or “what’s affordable,” or “what’s convenient.” There are plenty of options that will certainly suit your budget and your personal style preferences as well. We’ve put together some helpful tips for you:

Choose a properly insulated wine cellar door

wine cellar door wine cellar door wine cellar door wine cellar door

The first and most essential element that you should consider when purchasing your wine cellar door would be proper insulation. Note that your wine cellar door is not just an accessory – it’s much more than that. It helps maintain ideal storage conditions for your bottles. A good quality door is one that can ensure that your wine cellar will stay sealed properly. This is something we can guarantee here at WCI. Our basic entry wine cellar doors possess standard R-5 insulation value as well as threshold, door sweep and insulation stripping.

Explore the many design options before purchasing

Various door designs

Don’t just buy the most attractive door you come across, or the most popular style being sold, or worse, the one with the biggest discounted price tag. Explore your options and compare the features of each one. Here at WCI, we actually make that task super convenient for you, thanks to our newly updated Wine Cellar Doors section of the website. We now have the Door Wizard View which allows customers to browse our current standard door offering. These models are available for sale online and with only a 4 week lead time! We also have “Stock Doors” that can easily be shipped in 2 weeks or less for those rush projects. Just keep in mind that with the stock doors, the sizes are fixed and cannot be customized.

Don’t forget the other “small” but significant details

And what would these be? One would be the door’s configurations. We highly recommend going for a “pre-hung door” for easy installation. A pre-hung door is one that is already hanging in its own frame. Going for this option means you will receive a full unit with the door prepped, hinged and assembled to your specifications. That means you get the complete package delivered to your doorstep and we can assure a precise fit, too! Another detail to watch out for is with glass entryways. Ascertain the quality and thickness of the glass prior to purchasing. For example, here at WCI, we utilize 1/2″ thick glass, designed to maximize refrigeration and humidification benefits. For decorative applications such as etched glass doors, we utilize double-paned glass units consisting of (2) 3/16″ thick tempered panes with a 3/16″ air gap for a 9/16″ total thickness.


Gold Series Diamond Bins Redefine “Space-Efficient Racking”

July 6th, 2017

Think there’s not enough space in your home for your wine collection? Not when you have the right kind of wine racks for them. This is one project we certainly wanted to showcase because it redefines “space-efficiency” in every way. Check out this fantastic, compact wine cellar courtesy of WCI’s Gold Series:

Gold Series Diamond Bins

The pictures themselves illustrate quite well just how narrow the designated space is for the wine cellar project. And yet, our team managed to squeeze in a racking assembly that can host an impressive number of bottles – just a little under 1,000 bottles, to be exact. The solution to the space dilemma was none other than these custom Open Diamond Bins with Solid Face Trim from the Gold Series. As you can see, the dimensions of the bins allowed for comfortable installation in the narrow room. And since these bins are meant for bulk bottle storage, the capacity was maximized to accommodate a really good number of bottles for the client. There’s even space at the bottom of the racks for wine boxes and cases:

Perfect for narrow spaces!

It bears emphasizing that the Gold Series offers custom racking in a variety of styles for both individual and bulk bottle storage. These units were designed while specifically focusing on the economical use of 1×2 open construction. Because of the flexibility in customizing the configurations of the racks, it is absolutely possible to equip narrow spaces without making everything appear horribly cramped. These snaps of the completed racking assembly speak for themselves. Notice how there’s still enough room to go into the cellar and store or remove bottles comfortably.

So there’s the key word right there: “comfortable.” Just because you’re able to utilize a compact of awkward space for your wine cellar project doesn’t mean it’s properly space-efficient. To be such, it is important that the resulting layout is both functional and comfortable. This is where the “livability” factor comes in and in the case of a wine cellar, it’s how secure and snug your collection is. In fact, the Gold Series offers a bevy of racking styles that can accommodate any wine cellar size. Check out the full product page on the website or better yet, get in touch with our experienced team. It’s time to redefine “space-efficient racking” in your wine cellars with our Gold Series custom wine racks! ^_^

Wine Cellar Inspirations: Fun Wine Cellar Accents To Try Out

July 5th, 2017

There’s much more to wine cellars than just your wine racks, wine cellar cooling system, and of course, your wine bottles. There are ways to make your wine cellar more attractive, with a few eye-catching pieces here and there. These fun wine cellar accents will also make for great conversation starters at your next tasting party. Here are some of our choice picks you can try out:

Custom ladders and step-stools

Custom ladders and step-stools

Add in something functional, stylish, and custom-made to your wine cellar that won’t break the budget. Our recommendation? A custom ladder or step-stool! For your formal wine room, don’t settle for a run-of-the-mill one. You can have yours personalized with the same wood, stain and finish option as your racks. There are even some ladders that have bent configurations to accommodate awkward layouts in a wine cellar. If you have a relatively smaller space, a step-stool is the way to go.

Wine Tasting Tables

Wine tasting tables come in all shapes, sizes, and designs these days. They add a nice touch of fancy to your wine cellar while serving a number of great uses as well. For example, there are tasting tables that come with additional bottle storage at the bottom. There are also those with storage for glassware and cutlery. Our favorite though, is this simple but classy Wine Barrel Table. The glass tabletop provides space for displaying a favorite label or two or other wine cellar accessories.

Custom Cigar Humidors

Cigar Humidor

Who says only wine racks can be in your wine cellars? You can store other types of liquor as well as other stuff – like cigars. It’s not uncommon for winos to be cigar lovers as well. In reality, it’s quite a popular combination. Enjoying a glass of wine AND a puff of your best cigs after dinner or during the weekend is one of the best stress relievers. So why not have a custom cigar humidor incorporated into your wine cellar project as well? These humidors generally come complete with environmental controls to keep your prized cigars as fresh and in peak taste as your wine bottles.

Have other fun accents and accessories you can think of that will bring the uniqueness factor into a wine cellar? Share them with us in the comments section below! ^_^

Technical Tuesday Episode #340: Going All Out In Platinum x Black Walnut

July 4th, 2017

If you’re going to go for a custom wine cellar project and with the right budget for it, going all out is definitely the way to do it. Take a leaf out of our client from Hennepin,MN who had our team design this dream of a wine bar:

Project # 270294
Wood: Platinum / Black Walnut
Bottle Capacity: 378
Where: Hennepin, MN

The Wine Sentinel

This is actually a combination of a custom refrigerated wine cabinet and wall racking. The client wanted the wine storage to look like it was built-in into the room’s cabinetry and other shelving. Obviously, it called for fully customizable units that will match the designated space, as well as the existing decor. The Wine Sentinel was able to provide all that and more, as we can easily see from these great snaps of the completed project. With the Wine Sentinel, the customer is able to have the height and width of the cabinet configured to create a perfect fit for the allotted space in the room. The inside racking is also customizable, as in this case, the cabinet was decked out in Individual Bottle Columns from the Platinum Series.

Platinum Series wine racks and Whisperkool wine cellar cooling system

In addition to the size and the racking options, take note that there are still other elements of the Wine Sentinel that can be customized. We offer the French Door entry system and several molding packages to help create a a truly elegant and professional look for your wine cellar project. And don’t forget – there are multiple wood, stain and finish options to choose from as well. For this particular project, the client went with Black Walnut in Dark Walnut stain for the wood choice:

Black Walnut in Dark Walnut stain

Black Walnut’s heartwood can range from a lighter pale brown to a dark chocolate brown with darker brown streaks. In some varieties, the wood can sometimes have a grey, purple, or reddish cast. The sapwood generally ranges from pale yellow-gray to nearly white hues. Appearance-wise, the natural state of Black Walnut is quite attractive. The wood’s grain patterns are usually straight, with a medium texture and moderate natural luster. This makes the wood fairly easy to work with and absorbs stains and finishes particularly well. The straight grain pattern is actually quite noticeable in these photos:
Beautiful French Door entry system

Black Walnut may not be a common or popular wood option for custom wine cellar projects, but it certainly ranks high as material for furniture, cabinetry, gunstocks, interior paneling, veneer, turned items, and other small wooden objects and novelties. We really love the luxurious look of this Platinum x Black Walnut combo and risking a not so common wood choice definitely paid off. *Cheers*

Custom & Shallow-Depth Racking With Our Silver Series

July 3rd, 2017

You may ask: can the words “custom” and “shallow-depth” racking go together in one sentence in a wine cellar project? Here at WCI, they definitely can! Shallow-depth racking doesn’t equate to wine racks with inferior quality than the full-depth ones. In fact, there are more than just one or two advantages to utilizing them in your wine cellar. These advantages are best illustrated by the one series in the WCI product line that offers “custom” and “shallow-depth” racking: the Silver Series.

The Silver Series custom wine racks

Highly recommended for entry-level projects

If it’s your very first time to embark on a residential wine cellar construction and you want to go all the way custom, the Silver Series has you covered. This line is an amazing combination of quality, space-efficiency, and affordability. All the units in this series are defined by shallow 8 3/4″ depth racking configurations. This makes the units easy to work into compact spaces while still giving you ample bottle storage. The Silver Series is quite a popular choice with under stairwell and closet transformations, as well as home tasting centers. That’s the first advantage you get with these racks.

Now let’s talk about the price point. One would immediately assume that a custom wine cellar would run into the big bucks. But keep in mind that the Silver Series is comprised of nothing but shallow-depth racking units. This means that they are more reasonably priced compared to the rest. The shallow-depth racks translate to cheaper materials and manufacturing cost. When we say “cheaper,” nonetheless, this doesn’t mean quality is being compromised. It’s kind of basic math that this type of racking uses less materials compared to full-depth ones, hence, the lower cost. As far as quality is concerned, the Silver Series can definitely stand on its own. This section of our website illustrates quite clearly the price difference between the cost per bottle of our three custom lines (Platinum, Gold, and Silver).

This brings us to the quality element of the Silver Series. The racks are crafted from Premium Redwood which is one of the four most popular wood choices for custom wine cellar projects. Your bottles are being stored safely and comfortably in sturdy, square-cut rails, with the necks sticking out. Open Diamond Bins, Rectangular Bins, and other shelving are also available for bulk bottle storage, including wood and cardboard cases. Since there is a healthy variety of racking options available with this line, you can create a unique arrangement that will suit any and all of your wine storage needs. ^_^