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Client Showcases How “Versatile” WCI Wine Racks Really Are!

June 22nd, 2017

Who says wine racks should only be placed in your in your wine cellar? Not here at WCI! Our wine racking units are so versatile that they can go literally anywhere in your home. You’d also be pleased to find out that they can serve other purposes than providing proper storage for your wine bottles. WCI has a very healthy selection of wine racks that aim to provide style apart from function in your wine cellar projects.

One of our clients recently completed a DIY racking project and was quite enthusiastic in sharing with us the finished product. We were stoked when we learned that he assembled and installed the racks in the recreation area in his basement. The racks worked perfectly when he put both on either side of his entertainment center:

Racking units in the basement

So as you can see, our client Roy was able to hit two birds with one stone here. He is now able to enjoy lots of quality downtime watching his favorite shows or the latest flicks or do some bad-ass karaoke while simultaneously enjoying his favorite wines as well. Plus, when he has guests over, they will also have double the fun! This, and many other projects that we’ve showcased before on the blog, only goes to show that you don’t need to have a formal wine room to start your collection. You can store your bottles anywhere in your home, thanks to the versatile wine racking products here at WCI. Check out Roy’s full testimonial, including his enjoyable experience putting the racks together:

“Really enjoying my new wine racks. Picture enclosed of the 2 racks next to the audio / video rack in my basement. I get complimented on the wine racks all the time.

I found it relatively easy to assemble the racks. I actually did a press-fit assemble of the racks first. With this I made sure I had all the pieces for assembly in the correct location and orientation. Then I carefully disassembled the rack by section and used a nail gun to attach the individual pieces. I then re-assembled the units, securing the sections with the nail gun. Worked like a charm!

Anyway, hope you enjoy the photo — including the ghost on the TV screen!”

~Roy G.~

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