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WineMaker x Vintner Brings Client Cost-Efficient Wine Cellar

May 25th, 2017

A wine cellar with extensive bottle capacity, neat and clean lines, and cost-efficient – how can one say no to that? One ¬†doesn’t, of course! That’s why our client from Bergen, NJ didn’t hesitate at all to have our design team bring to life this entry-level wine cellar project.

Some of the most common needs of clients when it comes to wine cellars are: space, bottle storage capacity, style, and of course, affordability. These needs were definitely met and more, all thanks to WCI’s wine rack kits. For this particular project, our team of design professionals utilized Vintner x WineMaker racking combos in Premium Redwood. The results were definitely satisfying and delivered exactly what the client was asking for:

WineMaker x Vintner wine racks

The snapshots of the completed cellar certainly shows its extensive bottle storage capacity. For a compact space, this racking assembly can actually hold up to a little over 600 bottles. It’s the perfect size for an entry-level project, for someone starting off with a small but gradually growing collection. We give credit to the Vintner Series with its great variety of racking styles for the versatile storage options in this wine cellar. But we also give just as much props to WineMaker for the space-efficiency feature.

Let’s not forget that the WineMaker Series is comprised of shallow-depth, stackable racking units. The shorter depth of the racks means less wood is used for manufacturing them. This spells cost-efficiency. That’s why WineMaker is one of our most affordable “kits.” That’s not all, though. The shallow-depth racks also equal space-efficiency. WineMaker is very popular with compact wine cellar projects because the racks can provide more bottle storage while occupying less of the floor area.

Nonetheless, there is no need to worry about security issues since the body of the wine bottle is fully supported within the wine racks while the neck of the bottle slightly sticks out. We highly recommend purchasing two or more racks to stack on top of each other to maximize the height of your wine storage. Note that all Winemaker wine racks must be mounted 1 1/2″ off the wall to ensure proper wine bottle stability, and will therefore add 1 /1/2″ to the listed dimensions.

So there you have it! A custom wine cellar that suits the budget, the aesthetics, and the space. With WCI’s wine rack kits, you can definitely get the job done. ^_^