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Wine Cellar Inspirations: Trimmings For Your Wine Cellar

May 24th, 2017

So maybe it’s a long way to the Christmas season, but who says you can’t trim your wine cellars the way you do your Christmas trees? After all, with wine cellars, you don’t need a season to make them prettier. You also don’t need to spend a ton of money. There are more than jut a few clever ways to doll up that wine cellar and make everything look more eye-catching. Here are some ideas to get you started:

Deck ’em out with decorative wood trim

Wood CorbelsWood PostsWood OnlaysWood PanelsCrown Moldings

Decorative wood trims are the absolute best when you want to add that bit of dramatic flair to your wine racking assembly and other wine cellar furniture. They are intricate and stunning, but they are small enough so as not to overshadow the superstars of your wine cellar which should be your collection. There are several types you can choose from to mix and match, but our favorites are the decorative wood trim for crown and base moldings, wood onlays, and wood paneling. The moldings serve a very functional purpose, too, because they will help fill in those gaps between the floor and ceiling, and between one racking unit to the other. They are instrumental in making your racking assembly achieve a seamless appearance.

Add a dainty touch with cabinet hardware and drawer pulls

Drawer Pulls Drawer Pulls Wrought Iron Pulls Cabinet pulls

Sometimes, small but dainty details can make all the difference in your wine cellar furniture. Your cabinets and drawers can definitely use a bit of a fancy touch to make them more attractive. If you have those plain wooden cabinets and shelves, they’ll be the perfect canvass for custom cabinet hardware and/or drawer pulls. There are just so many designs to choose from these days and we can guarantee you’ll enjoy picking those out for your wine cellar. We also recommend staining and/or lacquering your cabinets and drawers for a fresh, new look, to go with your custom hardware and pulls.

Upgrade your cabinet doors/panels

Wood Panel Cabinet DoorsCigar Humidors

Stuck with the usual, boring wood cabinet doors or panels? Then it’s time to replace those with custom ones that will really amp the aesthetic appeal of your wine cellar. A combination of glass and wood panels would be absolutely gorgeous, especially if you go for glass panels with custom etchings. Cabinet doors with artistic hand-carving are another great option as well. But we also love wood borders and onlays which would give your cabinets a luxurious three-dimensional look.

Do you have other ideas for wine cellar “trimmings”? We’d love to hear them!