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Custom Racking In White Oak Gets Client’s Thumbs-up!

May 18th, 2017

When a client gives you the thumbs-up on your work, how can you NOT be motivated? This is exactly why we have these Testimonial Thursday episodes on the blog. Whether it’s a custom-made project or a DIY one using our products, we get immensely proud when clients communicate their satisfaction. Such is the case with this very unique project involving custom racking units design:

Custom circular racking

It’s fairly obvious from the photos that this wine room is not your regular four-walled configuration. That’s why the client request for racks that would work with the circular layout of the designated space. Of course, our experienced design team delivered just as the client wished, including custom racks for the larger-format bottles and shelving for the wine boxes. Notice that the circular racking assembly wraps around the room in a really smooth manner, with no awkward gaps in between. The incorporation of custom crown and base moldings, as well as center moldings helped a lot in achieving this flawless appearance to the assembly.

White Oak wine racks

Now the wine racks are not the only things that were customized in this project. The wood option is pretty unique as well. Instead of choosing from the “big four” (All-Heart Redwood, Premium Redwood, Rustic Pine, and Prime Mahogany), the client went for White Oak for the wood option. This wood sports a light to medium brown hue, commonly with an olive cast. White Oak is gradually gaining ground as the wood choice for wine cellar projects because its natural colors are easy to match with existing material and decor in the home. In it’s raw stage, the wood’s grain is straight, with a coarse, uneven texture. But once sanded and sealed, it displays a very attractive color and distinct grain patterns.

Beautiful White Oak racking

In general, White Oak is strong, attractive, rot-resistant, easy-to-work, and economical. It represents an exceptional value to woodworkers which is why it’s not a surprise that the wood is so widely used in cabinet and furniture making. It has been rated as a very durable type of wood and is frequently used in boat-building and tight cooperage applications.

Here at WCI, we have a fully integrated mill which takes lumber from a rough sawn stage all the way through the finishing details. Owing to these capabilities, we can manufacture wine cellars in any wood commercially available- like White Oak, for your custom wine cellar needs. ^_^