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Wine Cellar Inspirations: Decluttering Your Wine Cellar

May 17th, 2017

Just like almost any space in one’s home, wine cellars can get cluttered, too. One might think it’s a remote possibility, but it actually happens more often than not. Collectors tend to overlook decluttering their wine cellars, especially when they think they have more than enough space to store their bottles. But as a result, their once elegant and clean cellars gradually become cramped and unkempt. This is definitely a problem with bigger wine cellars which can lead to bottles being mixed up or even lost. So while you’re on spring cleaning duties this season, why not include your wine cellar as well with the help of these decluttering tips:

1. First, make an inventory.

Declutter your wine cellar

The first step to organizing any space is always to make an inventory. Go over the stuff in your wine cellar and carefully check out your labels. What are the ones that you’ve been shoving into crates or boxes in a corner? What are the ones you consume more? What are the type of vintages you want to acquire more of? Doing an inventory will let you gain control of your collection, growing your bottles as you see fit. It will also allow you to properly deliberate on whether or not future expansion is necessary.

2. Second, force yourself to purge.

Purge, purge, purge!

Now that you’ve done your inventory, the next step (and possibly the hardest) is to purge your wine cellar. Yes, you read it right – purge. For die-hard collectors, this might be a very difficult task, but it has to be done. Either that or take the other alternative of undertaking a wine cellar expansion – that is, if you have the budget and time for it. As far as wine cellars are concerned, purging isn’t as nasty as cleaning out your closet. In fact, it can be very gratifying. Purging usually takes place at the varietal level. This would require dividing your bottles by region first, then by varietals within each region, then by producers. You will find that there will be redundancies in some categories, so set your priorities straight.

3. Third, organize your bottles smartly.

Organize with wine bottle tags

Once you’ve done your purging, you’re all set to set up your collection in a more organized manner and most likely, begin filling out those emptied racks. Do this in a smart manner by organizing your bottles in a meticulous manner. Wine bottle tags are very helpful in letting you properly categorize your labels. Be mindful of your future acquisitions and always ask yourself, “Is this label necessary enough or special enough?”