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New Product Roundup For WineMaker And Vintner!

May 15th, 2017

Alert, alert! Spring is the season for great wine cellar sales and it’s also the season for awesome product launches. If you missed out, don’t fret just yet because we’re bringing you a special roundup of the latest updates on our wine racking products. In particular, we’re going to keep you guys up-to-date on our WineMaker and Vintner lines, so read on and find out:

The WineMaker and Vintner Series Stacking Kits

We’ve always been proud of the success of our WineMaker kits, especially with entry-level wine cellar projects. These shallow-depth racking units are probably the most space-efficient ones you can find on the market, without compromising on essential elements such as quality and style. The WineMaker wine racks have risen in popularity over the years because of their ability to outfit compact spaces with ample bottle storage, as well as for their stackable qualities.

WineMaker Series

This year, we’ve taken WineMaker’s stacking game to new levels by making your stacking options even more versatile. Did you know that we’ve expanded the height options of these racking units with up to 9-feet wine racks? That’s right, wine cellar fans! You have the 3 and 4-foot height options to easily fit into your small spaces or host your starter collections. But with the 6, 7, 8, and 9-foot options, you can really play around with the configurations to accommodate any ceiling height. This is also owing to the accents that you can incorporate to make your racking arrangement more flexible. These include our stylish molding packages, base molding packages, center seam trim, and base platforms.

Vintner Series

And guess what? These “stacking” options are also available with our Vintner Series! Note that our Vintner line is the most versatile among our “kits.” This added feature makes Vintner a perfect storage solution for any type of wine cellar – residential or commercial. Here’s an example of how you can achieve the 6-foot racking height configuration for either WineMaker or Vintner:┬áSelect the 6-foot option to have two of our 3- foot high wine racks sent, along with the stackable beam supports to assemble a 6-foot high wine rack. We created this easy option for you to order online in order to save customers from the confusion of ordering multiple racking styles to get the height they need or want. Next, add a┬áCenter Seam Trim to hide the point where your two wine racks meet. You can also add a base platform to elevate your wine racks, along with base and crown molding to hide the platform at the bottom and add decoration to the crown. If you don’t purchase a base platform, you can add a smaller base molding to hide the bottom of the wine rack. Enjoy! ^_^